Facebook Crashes

  • Vivaldi 1.14.1077.50 (32-bit) crashed twice within an hour. In both cases, I was typing in Facebook. That also happened last night, but I assumed it was an isolated occurrence. But two more successive crashes suggests a problem with this version. Vivaldi has otherwise been entirely stable and reliable since I started using it a few months ago.

  • @trmarcus I am have the same problem still in version: 1.14.1077.60 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

    Looks they either don't really know why, or don't care. Zero solutions or answers, and this topic is has been around for many months if do a DuckDuckGo search, so I assume they have no idea. I'm about to abandon Vivaldi altogether over this as I use Facebook as part of my Art business. Too bad as I was really liking Vivaldi, but I have received some really snooty answers over other issues when the suggested solutions do absolutely nothing to correct the problems.

    If software isn't truly tested before release how can one call it a stable release rather than just another beta? I truly think the major problem is the stupid chrome engine, never liked it and still don't...

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    @mousewarp It's not that developers don't want to fix your problem. It's that they (and seventy or so volunteer testers) cannot reproduce the problem you have. They can't fix what they can't diagnose, and they can't diagnose what they can't find evidence of. Some crashers have been found and addressed (closing a window with multiples, closing a window with docked developer tools, such things as this). But no one can make Vivaldi crash by typing in facebook.

  • Happening to me as well on Facebook (and Facebook only), but not necessarily just when typing.
    Can happen at any time, Vivaldi just instantaneously shuts down.
    After clearing the cache along with an update to the latest 'stable' version of Vivaldi (1.14.1077.60), the 'crashes' stopped for a while.
    But now they're back.
    Have reverted to using Firefox for those times I'm on Facebook.
    I want to 'spread the word' regarding Vivaldi but this problem is holding me back.

  • @ayespy
    That's not true, there are many reporting Facebook crashes with Vivaldi, and they have been doing so for many months now, for a while it wouldn't even load Facebook pages. You say you cannot reproduce the problem perhaps you aren't being honest, or using a mix of hardware/drivers and OS versions, and if the latter that just smacks of old lazy development practices from the evil days of browser specific web pages and such.

    I don't believe for a moment that others aren't reporting this as I have both; witnessed it on multiple machines, and read about it here and in many other browser forums, so pull the other one why don't you. The latest crashes either completely crash the browser, and occasionally 'explorer.exe', or a black page is generated with a stupid dead bird in the middle inside a page icon all in white!

    Why not be honest and admit there are issues that need to be addressed instead of alienating your user base by essentially telling them it must be their fault, as if we wrote your code. Admit that the crappy engine from chrome is garbage, and try something else, you folks used to make a beautiful browse back in the days of Opera 8-12, now it's just a UI married to a faulty engine.

    P.S. I am a Server/Network/PC Technician with over 35 years experience, and I am not hallucinating the errors and crashes Vavaldi has, and they occur on many sites not just Farcebroken...

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    @mousewarp said in Facebook Crashes:

    perhaps you aren't being honest

    Let's don't even start with suggestions such as this, OK? Fact: Facebook does not crash for me on any of my ten systems on three brands of hardware and 7 different CPU/GPU combos running Win10 X64, Win10 X86, Win7 X86, Linux Mint 18.1 X64, or Linux LXLE X86. That doesn't mean it doesn't crash for you. It means it doesn't crash for me. So whatever setup you have on which it crashes, none of my setups can reproduce it.

    I don't work for Vivaldi. I'm just an independent tester. But none of the testers or developers report being able to reproduce it either. So that's some 100 systems out of over a million users. So if we can't reproduce it, we can't. That doesn't mean the problem does not exist.

    or using a mix of hardware/drivers and OS versions, and if the latter that just smacks of old lazy development practices from the evil days of browser specific web pages and such

    Developers and testers go out of their way to test as broad a variety of systems, use cases and web conditions as possible. The point is to work everywhere on the web at all times, using all protocols.

    I personally suspect that facebook problems are stemming from the severe media-rendering issues that the Chromium 65 intake into Vivaldi introduced for a certain set of systems. The developers are doing yeoman's work at present trying to resolve all media issues, and I sincerely hope that success in this effort will fix the facebook problems as well.

    Please understand that issues that are local to you are not "your fault," and no one thinks they are. No one is trying to imply they are. But when only certain hardware is affected, and the devs and testers don't happen to have that sort of hardware, it's tough to resolve. They can resolve the issues they can diagnose.

    Wouldn't it be lovely if Vivaldi could just build its own engine and make it perfect for everyone? Many of the same team members did this before, and it only took about 15 years - at the end of which, there were still media problems (I used Opera from 1999 forward, and it was never without media problems in that entire time). Unfortunately this is economically impossible, and Presto belongs to Opera - so that's not even open to discussion. An existing engine must be used, and better the predominant one than a secondary choice.

  • @mousewarp Why not be honest and admit that you're just a troll?

    @mousewarp said in RE: You trashed the spell checker...:

    This is the last time I will be using Vivaldi, just to post this in the forum, then its the 'AXE' for another bloated piece of useless software...

    Did you fix your spell-check issue yet?


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