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    One user recently got banned after getting abusive. Another moderator deleted his/her post, then I got abused for deleting it. Another moderator then banned the user.

    Don't get moderated, be moderate, then we won't need to delete your posts or remove offensive content.

    If you do have an issue with moderation, send a chat message to the moderator concerned if you think you know who moderated your post.

    If you are still not satisfied, contact the Community Managers OlgaA or Gaelle

    Please remember, we are just volunteers doing this in our spare time to help the forum run smoothly. Unlike the Vivaldi Team, we do not get paid for doing this job.

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  • @catweazle Pesala Wrote:

    The moderators had some discussion about attaching images. There is no rule against it. However, if you could reduce the file size it would help those on slow connections. I reduced your 714K image to 277K by reducing the number of colours to 256. If you have an issue with moderation in future, please flag the post rather than reacting with abuse. Or, you can contact the Forum Admins, either OlgaA or Gaelle.

    I Responded:

    Thanks for letting me know what is going on.
    I felt Lamarca's comment was an invasion of members' space. I would rather the subject be aired openly by all members and not just the moderators. Let the Admin set the policy - not the mods. Put it out on the forums for all to see Subject: "Forum Files & Sizes." In my opinion, that's what the function of the Forum is! Let the computer make adjustments. Not you or anybody else.
    Please do not chat to me on this or any other subjects.

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    @moondawg I removed the all-caps and insults from your reply.

    Please understand, it was not the mods who determined the outcome of the "images in posts" matter. It was admins. They do set the policy, and they told us to leave images alone so long as they are not too large. "too large" was not defined. The discussion with admins was had on a mods-only channel, and more than one mod chimed in. There is a consideration of server space, which is not unlimited, and so overuse of large images can be an issue.

    Forum policies are set by the admins, and users who do not agree with something are welcome to discuss their feelings on the subject, with admins or mods, offline. The forums are not a venue for debate about forum policy, and policy is not set by user consensus (though user input is certainly considered, and is welcome).

    Lamarca is a moderator. His comment, though ultimately not affirmed by staff, was not an "invasion." It was just an expression of preference by a mod. He is a user as well, and welcome to comment in user space. He is supposed to look out for Vivaldi interests.

    You should know that one of the duties of moderators is to remove content that violates the forum rules (such as shouting and disrespect). If this can be done without censoring a user, mods are permitted to directly edit user posts. The preferred procedure, according to what we've been told by admins, is then to chat with the user offline and explain what was done and why, so as not to scold or embarrass them in public. So backlines chat with you is precisely what admins have advised mods to use, when adjustments have to be made.

    You have specifically said not to send you chats. Hence - this public message. I hope you understand. We are advised against airing these discussions in public, but I think our procedures needed not to be misinterpreted.

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    @moondawg I moved your post from the lounge thread where it was off-topic and merged it with this old topic in the Forum Feedback forum.

    The Feedback Forum is the right place to discuss image attachment policies.

    I created this particular thread for questions about forum moderation policies. Abuse of users or moderators has no place in these forums, and as noted by Ayespy it will be removed.

    A fixed file size policy for image attachments is impractical. Some users do not know how to reduce file sizes by cropping, compression, or reducing colour-depth, and many more cannot be bothered to check. Fast animations can also be a problem. I change them to image links when the problem is severe.

  • I get the impression that all this resulted from a temporary inconvenience that should be more clearly regulated and defined. I am hopeful that everything will be briefly remedied, including and especially the resulting misunderstandings and conflicts.

    In a context where there are moderators like @Ayespy and @Pesala, the prospects of reaching extreme measures like banishment, I have to myself that they would be very remote. And if they do, given the quality mainly - but not only - of these two moderators, I will assume that it will be because there will be a need for a more extreme measure like that.

    In the arguments contained herein, the reason given by @Ayespy is a show of comprehensiveness, great placement and exposure, and reasonableness.

    In particular, I am an adept at enabling chats for non-disclosure of conflicting and / or ticklish content.

    The main reasons for me to think about this are well explained in my request for the feature called "whisper", need that would be greatly reduced if chats were widely and freely allowed by the vast majority of users.

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    @quinca71 said

    The main reasons for me to think about this are well explained in my request for the feature called "whisper", whose need would be greatly reduced if chats were widely and freely allowed by the vast majority of users.

    The whisper option on My Opera was very useful. A message could be made visible to one or more users while replying to the thread's topic, with a note discouraging any further off-topic comments or reactions to flame-bait.

    IMO moderators should always be able to send Private Messages, but we cannot, which leaves us few options other than censor bad language or deleting flame-bait posts.

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    @ayespy said in Moderating the Moderators:

    .... not the mods who determined the outcome of the "images in posts" matter. It was admins.

    I can't help not writing some lines after "server space", limited storage. Huge images are automatically resized during the upload. I spend most of my time with machines not humans,
    Based on my work, neither mods nor forum admins. The sysadmin tells the community manager which the resources, devices are causing thermal instability. Chances are great you got the 503 blue page
    Last but not least, @ayespy, it's lamarca - absolutely no caps.


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    @lamarca said in Moderating the Moderators:

    Last but not least, @ayespy, it's lamarca - absolutely no caps

    Yes. But in English, it is impermissible to start a sentence with a lower case letter. Hence, words that are not capitalized get a capital at the beginning of a sentence whether they will or not. 🙂

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    @ayespy Forum Feedback! That's Pesala.
    The same rule in Portuguese, sentence has to begins in Caps.
    Did you notice the new improvement? You have a great advantage. Tilde ~

    `  ' ^ 

    água - water. Grammar was invented by the guy who lives underground.

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