Still no touch-support at all. :/

  • As long as the touch-suport from the orginal chrome is missing / left out / dsiabled, vivaldi is only second class on modern pcs as toshiba encore z20, microsoft surface pro 1/2/3, lenovo yoga, thinkpad 8&10, hp envy & spectre & stream, asus vivo & zen & transformer dell venue pro & xps etc why is the functionailty disable / leaved out - it is in chrome (and internet explorer) and i thought you would use chrome as base? or is there a flag to switch touch-support on? basic touch support (swipe let - back. swipe right - forward, pinch - zoom) is really a must have on any modern pc with touch, chrome and IE have it... as long this is missing vivaldi is no alternative to many many users....

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    Vivaldi has a completely different UI and also a different UI code, they do not use Chromium's UI, so no touch support. They will have to implement their own support, just like Opera had to.

    You might expect such on Tech Previews. This is a pre-pre-alpha.

  • So far, every single PC app or service I've seen try to implement touch, did it at the expense of dumbing down UI and removing or hiding features. I hope that Vivaldi does not go that route.


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