Broadband speed on only Vivaldi is downgraded

  • Broadband speed on only Vivaldi seems downgraded when I check the speed with I have a 40mbps connection but the test results shows under 15mbps. However, Chrome and Firefox shows the correct bandwidth but only after a TCP/IP parameter was reset. Please note that due to an inherent Windwos 10 issue I had to reset the Global TCP/IP swtich using Windows Powershell command prompt as the internet had become very slow on any browser:

    The switch change is as under:

    netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

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    @hari_ghk Hm. Vivaldi (all three versions) shows the exact same speed here as all other browsers (ff, chrome, edge, Opera) on this machine. Do you use any security software? Extensions?

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    I get 9.5/49.2 on my ADSL on Deutsche Telekom with my Vivaldi 1.14, that is nearly what i had purchased from them.

    May be you have a anti-virus scanner/Proxy/VPN or extensions slowing down Vivaldi.

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    I get more than what I pay for on Virgin Media (50Mbps) and Vivaldi is slightly faster than the latest Firefox Quantum.


    0_1518808760380_Vivaldi Speednet.png


    0_1518808796448_Firefox Speednet.png

    Opera 51.0

    0_1518809037535_Opera Speednet.png


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