Not a bug: click on icons of panel closes the panel instead of open them subpanels at the beginin

  • this bug was reported but it isn´t a bug, I resolved it restaring the PC apparently this happens when the panel is empty at the beginning of the installation from 0 ie after deleting the program and data. the time pass and still doing the bug, when I try to open a folder in bookmark panel the click closes the panel... Bug: click on icons of panel (notes, dowloads, email etc) closes the panel and it does not open them, so instead close panel. Win 7 64 bits with vivaldi 32 and 64 bits in 1.0.126 not happend ths bug, I unistalled completed vivaldi and data and reinstalled 138 32 bits and repeated with 64 bits and in the 2 vrsions icons of panel closed panel

  • I don't experience this bug.

  • @Tiamarth:

    I don't experience this bug.

    are you using win 7 64 bits? because this bug is in win 64 bits, in 32 bits there is not bug

  • Yes: Windows 7 64 bit and Vivaldi 32 bit.

  • I restarted the PC and bug was fixed.


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