Please increase the maximum image size of the Capture Page function.

  • Hello,

    I've noticed that the maximum image height of the Capture Page function in Vivaldi is limited to 30000 pixels (the rest of the page is not captured). I am using the PNG file format and I need to capture some web pages that have a height of more than 30000 pixels (typically around 60000 pixels). From what I could find on the internet the image size limit for the JPG file format is 65535ร—65535 and even bigger for PNG.

    Until now I've been using Snagit to capture PNGs that are around 60000 pixels in height from Firefox, but the version of Snagit that I have is not compatible with the latest version of Firefox/Chrome. The latest version of Snagit that works with Firefox/Chrome has some sort of bug and parts of the captured image are missing, so I had to install an older version of Firefox that works with my version of Snagit to be able to capture the web pages.

    If I could do the page capture in Vivaldi I could get rid of the cumbersome Snagit & Firefox solution.

    Thank you.

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