Please increase the maximum image size of the Capture Page function.

  • Hello,

    I've noticed that the maximum image height of the Capture Page function in Vivaldi is limited to 30000 pixels (the rest of the page is not captured). I am using the PNG file format and I need to capture some web pages that have a height of more than 30000 pixels (typically around 60000 pixels). From what I could find on the internet the image size limit for the JPG file format is 65535×65535 and even bigger for PNG.

    Until now I've been using Snagit to capture PNGs that are around 60000 pixels in height from Firefox, but the version of Snagit that I have is not compatible with the latest version of Firefox/Chrome. The latest version of Snagit that works with Firefox/Chrome has some sort of bug and parts of the captured image are missing, so I had to install an older version of Firefox that works with my version of Snagit to be able to capture the web pages.

    If I could do the page capture in Vivaldi I could get rid of the cumbersome Snagit & Firefox solution.

    Thank you.

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