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  • I want to share my vision of an ideal browser. I have been seeking for an ideal browser for a long time. I saw Chrome, Chromium, Opera, new Opera, Cok-Cok, Vivaldi, Brave, Firefox and some others. I saw features I want in those, but never all of them in one powerful programm. Right now the closest one to fit my unconventional desires is Vivaldi. I love so much things about it - tab stacking, tab layouts, notes, colors, screenshots, reading mode, side panel, speed dial, tab stacking, css-modifiers, trash can, mostly tab stacking and trash can... But it still lacks some notable features. In old Opera I liked one tab loading principle, turbo, torrent client, mail, private tabs and the ability to fold/unfold groupped tabs, oh and to group history on side panel by site, not only by time (Vivaldy now can sort by this key, but not fold as Opera (I'm not sure yet)). In new Opera... Well, I enjoy the options of speed dial to be a cool looking webtop. Cok-Cok can break the rules and download from youtube - and you can pop the embedded video out of page, if you wish so. I also like the way you can secure yourself in Brave. The things I like in Chrome - it is fast and have the folded kit of google webapps on the speeddial. Some of these things might be added as extensions.
    Others do not.
    Some other features I hadn't seen yet but I thought it would be cool: inbuilt rss agregator; syncronization with jupyter notebook to run scripts and make some analisys or presentations directly in browser, in hyperspace:) ; modify layouts to make it more smart and flexible, let them automatically find embedded videos, see the text and whether it is columned or in pages, display those elements on relevant squares of screen; modify the google box with webapps with options to choose your own cloud, mail, map service and other, with the ability to put it on speed dial; secondary sessions with casual sites we use as backgroung - music, games etc. - it shoul be a smaller window or subwindow in layout, that you can fold to make them stop constantly updating; feature to download and remember frequently used webapps/flashgames to use them offline; and a list of site to be displayed in certain desired regimes - like to force wiki always open mobile version of pages, popular sites with books - in reading mode, some sites in private tabs, others - through the vpn, or tor-like chains (activated only in that tabs with pages from your listed sites); and of course all this stuff is exportable both through config files or synchronized accounts.
    I know I have already broke the tradition of this section of forum, but I think lots of features could be discussed in connaection with others, and some of those I listed are unlikely to exist on this engine, so please comment on it, and if some features are good enough for majority, I guess we can then split this post onto different requests.

  • @mentat Please search the Feature Request Forum for each new feature you wish to see by bookmarking this link and editing the search string. If you find it, vote for it.

    If not, post one new thread for each feature request.


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