Save All Images

  • I'm here again!

    When I look for a tutorial (I'm a proud handyman), often I need to save all the picture of every step, so, when I'm in my (offline) garage, I can follow the work easily.
    Why not a simple "Save All Images" function from menu ?

  • @emiliano-paladini I think it might be tricky to do as web pages typically contain a lot of images that you may not want to download: Icons, navigation bars, graphic rules, etc.

    Opera 12.18 has an excellent cache manager where one can filter images by site and file type (note that all images that you can see on a web page have already been downloaded and stored in the browser cache).

    0_1518693455728_Cached Images.png

    If the images are links from text or thumbnails, then the Links Panel could be the solution that you're looking for.

    Also available in Opera is a shortcut Ctrl+Click to Save Images, which makes it a lot quicker than right-click, save image as.


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