The best response users, in the Forums, in your opinion

  • Curiosity - Now, if the reputation percentage is taken alone, with no consideration around, the absolute champion should be @Asgarden .

    Nothing less than 110 (28/12/18) upvotes in just one post, so 11,000.00% -rep! It should also be the one with the most upvotes in the same post! And he (or she) got into this, no other post, no matter his / her three years of membership.

  • Wow!

    Just discovered this thread because I am nominated at the 15th place of the last list... Thank you! ^^
    It's quite strange, because as I am not a very active user, and I think that most users here just don't even recognize my pseudo...

    But I'm not sure this list is very relevant anyway. Don't get me wrong, I don't criticize the author of this thread at all, I know the criterias are very hard to define. But I think there are 2 major biases:

    1. The fact that some people may participate more in some threads which do not need real "response", thus lowering their upvote/post ratio.
    2. The fact that some threads may artificially increase the upvote/post ratio, with no real "response".

    For the 1st point:
    Some users may be way more relevant than me, for example, on the threads which need a real and helpful response.
    Maybe there are a lot of people with much more upvote than me on these threads, even if we take into account the ratio with the total number of message posted.
    BUT: Maybe, these exact same users also post a lot in other threads like the "Lounge" section. This is even better: they participate to the life of Vivaldi community better than me (I don't post anything there), but their upvote/posts ratio is worst because the Lounge posts don't get much up votes (these post/threads do not ask nor propose for any response or solution).

    For the 2nd point:
    The example I have in mind is the "feature request" section. A lot of upvotes there does not mean we are a "response user". It means something interesting too, but completely different. One may be very rude and not helpful at all in general, but earn a lot of upvotes for a good feature request idea.

    Remove from the calculation some of the forum sections. Lounge and Feature request may be a good start, but there may be some other unrelevant ones.

  • @Guilimote

    That your response shows me that, at least in your case, my criteria, even lacking in meaningful aspects, as you so well have pointed out now, may have some value. But, as the criteria now included you so validly, many others users included in this list, would fulfill some or more requirements that you so wisely pointed out.

    The other considerations you've added have been and are still within my thoughts. But right now, I'm not excited to go any further. This is just "chit chat".

    I -- sincerely and without passion --believe that you can be more apt and willing than I and, in a new topic that you can launch, we will have this subject placed in much more perfect conditions? I stand here cheering for you.

  • Personally, for my use, my criterion of personal choices, based on personal reasons, is much more satisfactory, for internal and external meanings.

  • @Quinca71
    I totally understand what you mean, but also think it would need much work for something not so important 😉 This kind of list is fun, but, as you said "just chit chat".

    I was just adding my two cents and explaining what I first thought when seeing this post. Not requesting anybody to do it this way, nor saying I would like to do it myself 😅

  • @Guilimote

    With your answers, you have made a magic: instead of my list validating your quality of being among the best respondents, it is you who are validating my list. 😊

  • If I tried to improve the meaning of my list of best answers, I would not disdain at "feature requests" or "chats" too severely.
    The upvote for a resource request is an approval for an inquiry not made by the voter, but existing in his wishes, which were presented by the proposer.
    Chit-chat can sometimes be a very conducive field for more subjective subjects, and have a much greater variability than the technique, thus allowing significant internal issues to be discussed, with rewarding results for those who ask and for respondents
    Just a rambling, without any purpose to go forward, just the pleasure of exposing...

  • If I wanted to go ahead to improve the data on my list, such as for resource requests and chat, I would try to establish weights with smaller numeric values acting as a reducer of the expression of votes, not suppressing them from the general computation of votes . Summarizing: a weighted average (edit/adding-01/07/19).

  • @Ornorm, @hlehyaric

    Till at reputation placement you are currently neighbors! Please, don't take me evil. Just a kidding.

  • @Quinca71 Ornorm and I are neighbours, we live in neighbouring countries 🙂

  • @hlehyaric

    It's already a neighborhood. I even thought that you would be compatriots. I did not disdain that you would even be street neighbors, in the same city. My guess approached, but not to the point I judged.😊

  • @Quinca71 said in The best response users, in the Forums, in your opinion:

    street neighbors

    No, we're not street neighbours, we live about one thousand kilometres apart. We're not compatriots either, I'm French, he's Belgian. But we're kinda compatriots, we're both vivaldians (as you are too).

  • @Quinca71 It's great that you noticed it because I was waiting for that moment (I was following the raise of @hlehyaric since a few days) but I didn't know where to write about the fact I was so happy to have such a valuable new neighbor. Thanks to you, it is now possible...
    So let's write it down...
    Hey! Did you notice? @hlehyaric is my new neighbor in the "Most Reputation" users list. Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So happy that we grew together in the forum (more or less hand in hand, pushing and pulling each other when needed). The mountain is high, very high, but we can make it together 😉 🏔 🧗♂
    Thank you @Quinca71 !

  • @Ornorm Many thanks for your kind comment. I'm also glad to be your neighbour🥂, I just hope it will last (at least for a few more days) 🙂


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