The best response users, in the Forums, in your opinion

  • I propose:

    • maximum of eight names;
    • the selected users do not give upvotes for the selectors;
    • other users can upvote (even downvote haha) each publication, since their names are not included there as best ones.

    Mine are:

    • -Blackbird

    • -Ayespy

    • -An_dz

    • -Aronand

    • -Isildur

    • -Pesala

    • -I_ri

    • -Steffie

    With a certain fear, I click send.

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    @quinca71 What about pafflick? He's a bit more scarce lately, but has always been a real contributor!

  • Moderator

    @ayespy Ha, I'm still wandering around here - keeping an eye out mainly on the local forum for Vivaldi users from my country, but I'm trying to at least read some other topics as well. 😉

  • @quinca71 And where is @Gwen-Dragon ???

  • @tbgbe Um, is this like Where's Wally?
    At the beach?
    On the ski fields?
    At home?
    In her office?
    Behind that boulder over there?
    At the supermarket?
    On an intergalactic space-flight?
    Having a nice little natter with her neighbour?
    At the cabaret?
    At the cocktail bar?
    In the box, with the cat, coz her hobby is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle*?
    At the... ?

    * Schrödinger of course being on vacation at the time, so she's minding his feline for him.

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    @tbgbe said in The best response users, in the Forums, in your opinion:

    @quinca71 And where is @Gwen-Dragon ???

    Me had a flight outside, hunting knights, stealing treasure and jewels.

    LOL. I seem to be the "bad gal behind green eyes". But i do not need to be nominated. A dragon (disguised as a ol' woman in IT) is not comparable to humans ;)

  • @gwen-dragon said in The best response users, in the Forums, in your opinion:

    Me had a flight outside, hunting knights, stealing teasure and jewels.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for Hobbits!

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    @tbgbe said in The best response users, in the Forums, in your opinion:

    keep an eye out for Hobbits!

    I keep care, iI wont step on them, and i am not Smaug.

  • @TbGbe - surely those, pointed out by you, are absences (like you yourself), remembered by me, but for one reason or another were not listed. Same with your memory, @Ayespy.

    These reasons are:

    one, I was sketching the beginning of this topic. Initially, I proposed 7 names. Almost in the publication, I added another user, missing, and changed to 8. So I decided to publish as it was, to become definite and hardly changeable, after being given to general knowledge.

    Another important aspect for me to consider better is personal. I have almost no technical problems. My themes and posts are predominantly subjective, more "inward than outward." So I've included most of those who best meet these conditions.

    I confess I was somehow afraid to launch this subject and, at first, I was left in the expectation that the least significant bad repercussion that I would have to face would be the non-awakening interest. As it was in the bottom of dawn, I waited a little longer and kept checking: no response, no visualization.

    When I got up, as usual with the day already out in hours, I opened the computer and had the infantile-juvenile euphoria to verify that there was neither disinterest nor condemnation. Ufa!

    I'm waiting for others to make their lists, too. Only me, that's no good, it was not my purpose to launch the topic!

  • @quinca71 Possibly might be easier if you restructured this to 1 reply per proposal, then we can just upvote the user(s) they like/respect. Multiple posts with multiple duplications will just cause confusion.

    Alternatively, do away with lists of names altogether and just thank anyone who made a useful post (irrespective of many times they have helped).

    Oh, just realised that that is how the "reputation" works here :)

  • @tbgbe

    Thank you. You could give me some time to try: a) - understand haha; b) - "Decipher" how would it work and assess the consequences? Thanks in advance 0_1518765004273_mh12.gif .

  • @TbGbe and all future content posters here (if any)

    In my initial proposals, I made a request about the maximum number of names in a list. As for the minimum, of course it is one, given the way nature disposes things.

    Anyone who wishes / prefers to follow the path proposed by TbGbe, feel free to do so. My proposals are not mandatory, nor could they be, at most, a friendly agreement.

    Other preferences remain free, including my first.

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    Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's

    • Steve - He is specialized in analyzing problems and also a Soprano.

  • @steffie

    "Credo"!!! But, acidly funny!

  • @steffie said in The best response users, in the Forums, in your opinion:

    In the box, with the cat

    Sadly, no. The affectionate response in the blocked thread does not allow me to comment there. I have an intense feeling, bordering insanity, but by dogs (females, preferably, but not exclusively). Certainly there are points of contact between my feelings and hers. So from here, I'm sending my condolences to @Gwen-Dragon, imagining that her hurt is similar to mine: it does not dissolve over time.

  • I would like to emphasize here that the title of this topic ends in: ... your opinion. This means that your referral (s) may either be in accordance with Viv's reputation or not.

    For you, an user, here marked with severe negative punctuation, can be in your indication among the best ... for you ... All this is between you and the user(s) you have named and why you did it.

    Interesting if sometimes someone wants to add details about the reasons for his/her appointment (s). As did @lamarca, just above.

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