Title Bar Showed on the Top of Full Screen Video

  • I used Vivaldi Snapshot 1.15.1099.3 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.3. In the case of setting tab bar on right or left or buttom side, When I changed video mode from normal to fullscreen, Title bar showed on the top of fullscreen video. Like this↓↓

    0_1518648880189_Vivaldi 1.15.1099.3の不具合:タブバーを上以外に設置すると全画面動画の時、画面上部にタイトルバー.png

    When I set tab bar on top side, Title bar didn't show.

    0_1518649257718_ 2018-02-15 7.58.51.png

    I confirmed this issue in YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon .co.jp Prime Video. Incidentally I send bug reports.

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    @kyu3a Confirmed -- Thanks for reporting the bug!

  • @xyzzy Thank you for replying!

    And I got this bug's number. This bug's number is "VB-37695".

  • Hello! I think this bug is fixed. This bug didn't happen on latest (1.15.1125.3) and previous (1.15.1111.3) version Snapshot. I always check the changelog of official snapshot blog. But I couldn't find this bug number (VB-37695). So, I think Vivaldi staff forgot to write this bug number.

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    @kyu3a Yes, this fix should have been listed in the 1.15.1111.3 changelog. Thanks again for confirming that it's working for you!

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