Issues with the update information

  • The update information notification on top of sites introduced today introduces a bug. On all forum sites which feature a cover, the update notice is invisible (visible only while site is loading), and pushes the cover up and the site content down.

    All user profiles and group pages are affected. On these pages the notification should either be moved below the cover and be visible, or it should be simply disabled/removed.


    0_1518647747488_Screenshot 2018-02-14 23.26.37.png

    0_1518647840380_Screenshot 2018-02-14 23.27.01.png

    And as a minor addition. I don't really know why you write the time in GMT. GMT was replaced by UTC in the 1960s, and Iceland even uses UTC as its time zone all year round. Moreover the international standard is a 24hour clock.


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