Opera cache management

  • I suppose the cache is managed by Chrome. I think that Opera 12 had the best of all cache management system : back navigation at light speed, form data not lost,.... I would know if the team vivaldi has planned: - overlord the chrome system if it s possible - or contribute to chromium core development Thanks

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  • Yes, Presto's cache, both the memory cache and disk cache, were by far the best of all rendering engines.

    Do remember though that Presto history cache got worse and worse from about Opera 8 towards Opera 12 – this was because as the web became more "dynamic", Opera was being forced to reload pages on back navigation. Nevertheless it was still much better than Blink is now...

    There is good news on the Chrome front though, the latest blink engine:


    Code cacheing will hopefully mean back navigation will hit the cached code and thus a very fast page rebuild. I think my back navigation in my 42+ browsers is faster, but it is hard to benchmark properly...

    I hope Vivaldi can make sure they optimise for history navigation where possible within the blink codebase. More aggresive use of the disk cache would also be appreciated (blink seems often quite reluctant to reload from disk, and thus pages fail to load when the network is fragile)...

  • thanks for theses explanations.

  • Sorry for kicking this topic, I wanted to give this a big +1. This can really make a difference in browsing experience. Going to the previous page was almost instant in Presto based Opera, I hope something like that can be implemented in Vivaldi in any way!

  • For me, this is the deal breaker. With it, I can even access most pages offline, a feature you can't find elsewhere. If Vivaldi has this feature, I'll jump right in.


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