What are you watching right now?

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    I noticed that we had some threads for the other verbs: playing, reading and listening, but we're missing a thread to talk about any films you might want to share.

    I've seen two recently I wanted to mention,

    0_1518641725202_08df6298-99a4-4e9e-96ec-cece73df3448-image.png 0_1518641778337_defef14c-457a-4a59-8534-849c67a19707-image.png
    The Red Turtle The Peanuts Movie
    This was a nice silent Dutch-Japanese animated film. A good art style, and an interesting fantasy shipwreck story. This was based on a comic strip. I haven't seen much of the original work, but I enjoyed the film all the same.

  • Watching now: Red state
    Latest (re)seen: The good dinosaur

    The red turtle is already on the watchlist 🙂

  • I like watching videos about space. Now I am watching NASA TV on https://worldcams.tv/other/international-space-station . Sometimes on the cam I watch how NASA experts are interviewed. There are so many unexplored in space. It's so interesting.

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    I recently went to see the new Tomb Raider film. There was a distinct lack of tombs, I noticed (a crypt at her mansion, and only one actual tomb in the final act).

    Lara Croft's character seems a bit more grounded in reality, as were some of the "supernatural" bits. Though I did see some issues with the plot as a whole.

    I prefer the games, and I've yet to be convinced that the series benefits much from a film adaptation.

  • Just finished netflixing Equals, a newish dystopian thing. Funny how these days dystopian nightmares just seem to be more & more contemporary...

    Stars Nicholas Hoult & Kristen Stewart, ably supported by Guy Pearce & Jackie Weaver.

    Twas quite freaky for me watching Skins' Tony, with a yank accent, & no monobrow anymore. Though he'd definitely hate it, for me no matter what else he does, he's always Tony to me.

  • Ha, how come i was also the previous poster here?

    At the moment i'm streaming the new Netflix horror movie Bird Box, but i had to take a small break to steady my nerves... bloody scary!

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    @Steffie said in What are you watching right now?:

    the new Netflix horror movie Bird Box,

    I've just watched this. I'm not a massive fan of horror film, but this on was pretty decent.


    Some major issues I have with it though:

    1. The dude who came into the house who turned out to be insane. Why didn't he set the birds off when he first came in?
    2. If I were god, and I laid out an end of days hell-on-earth scenario, I'd be sure to make it also affect blind people. Or are the blind somehow not worth attacking in the eyes of lovecraftian eldritch beasts?

  • @LonM Oh yeah, certainly, logic does not play a large role in many/most horror &/or dystopian films, but usually i'm willing to go along for the ride.

    As i've aged i find myself surprised at the palpable decrease in my ability to withstand horror films. As stated, this one really scared me.

    My all time record holder though, which gives the lie to my remark about age, harks back to my early 20s. The night i saw Poltergeist with a group of friends had a visceral physical reaction in me, not just emotional. After eventually getting home in the wee small hours i could not sleep at all, & indeed became uncontrollably restless & itchy. A rash [hives?] had broken out on me, & i had to stay in a cold shower for ages. My dog that movie got to me... it really scared the beetlejuice outta me 😉

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    I just watched the new How to Train Your Dragon Film, and I thought it was just fantastic end to the trilogy. If you don't know what it is, it's an animated series of films, sort of like Astérix mixed with Avatar, and everyone is scottish. And there's cute and vicious dragons (of course).

    Clicky for more details

    I felt the conflict of the story it wasn't quite as grandiose as the 2nd one, but that didn't bother me, it was still enjoyable. For me the big important conflict is more of an internal one the characters must deal with. Seeing characters actually age and progress in a film series is really nice, rather than it just being the same thing every time.
    As for the art and music design, it's on par with the high quality I've expected over the other films.
    The ending to the film was really nice, and just the right amount of happy and sad. Nothing overly tragic, and certainly no thanosing half the cast.
    This is the kind of animated film that I think would work really well in HDR colours, high framerate, and I await the day that I can experience the story all over like that.



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