1.14.1077.45 Inspector regularly crashing the entire browser

  • It's driving me INSANE!

    [modedit] shortened title

  • Moderator

    Please calm down, take a deep breath.

    I can tell you: No, not for me.

    What means "regularly crashing"? Every Minute, once a hour, twice a day?
    Explain how i can check it.
    Tell me more about your used extensions.

  • breathe ok, when I say regularly I mean probably roughly every 4th time I open the inspector on average I'd say.

    I have a fair few tabs open over 3 windows and luckily they all open back up okay afterwards, but still very frustrating.

    I'm using it on Windows 10 in case that's relevant, not sure what else might be contributing to it happening...

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