Kill Bing

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    @cj-dennis Not even worth discussing as a feature request.

    I will move it to the lounge.

    If you have a serious reason for wanting to remove the Bing search engine, you can discuss it here.

    I cannot thing of a single reason since you can simply remove it, and use another search engine as your default.

  • How does one remove Bing? I can delete any of the other search engines from the Search Engines list, but selecting Bing and minus, then Delete has no effect.

  • @dhermosillo The reason being you have set Bing as the default search engine, either for regular or for private windows, or both. Just set the default to something else and you will be able to delete KILL Bing.

  • To kill Bing you will need Uma Thurman |;-)

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    Use OpenBSD, there is no Bing which can nag you :P

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    This post is deleted!

  • @segaco It's only the second most often used browser because Microsoft makes it the default on every Windows desktop. Many users don't have enough knowledge or don't care enough to change that. Same goes for Bing. Google is doing the same thing on Android. I don't think Bing is widely used on smartphones at all, the conclusion is that the use of Bing/Google search is in most cases not a conscious choice.

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    @luetage True, it is the default browser; still, people use it.

    Google doesn't own everything and people still use Macs to some degree and opt for Firefox or Chrome, despite Safari being a great choice.

    As for phones - depending on the territory.

    Google is considered crap in Japan and South Korea and almost non-existent in China or Russia, which means there are alternatives in those countries for Google in the form of Yahoo, AOL, Bing (all powered by Bing anyhow), Naver, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

    Yes, some countries have blocked Google for obvious reasons, such as Russia and China, but some just don't like it.

    I wouldn't say Bing was dead, considering its huge market share and the fact that it operates search for other search engines.

  • @segaco said in Kill Bing:

    True, it is the default browser; still, people use it.

    People use it because it is the default – and that's all there is to it. There is no "still". And saying that Google isn't popular in China and Russia because it is blocked is not a valid argument. The point is they simply use another default that is imposed on them. I don't know what you want, most users don't make choices, they live with the choices others make for them – and this is exploited by any company/state which has the ways and means of doing so.

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