CPU continuously used.

  • I'm puzzled. I have, say, 40 tabs, but only a Start Page (speed dial) is active and I've done "hibernate background tabs". Still, a "Vivaldi" process keeps eating 3--8% of CPU and a "Vivaldi Helper", 2--5%.

    On the "Task Manager" of Vivaldi, "Browser" keeps using 5--7% and "Background Page: " uses 1.5%.

    Is it common? I'm on Mac high Sierra, Vivaldi 1.15.1090.3 (Official Build) (64-bit).

  • @ryofurue CPU usage does seem to be surprisingly high, though intermittent, when I would not expect any activity at all (i.e. when not even touching Vivaldi).

    0_1518597523688_CPU Usage.png

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.15.1094.3 (64-bit)

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    3-6% is normal for Vivaldi Browser process.
    I see the same CPU usage on Chrome 64 and Opera 51.

  • @ryofurue
    Please open the internal task manager of your system and check whether they match.
    @pesala @Gwen-Dragon
    Are you sure that the figures of the CPU usage are right?
    Please have a look of my screenshot:

    • left side downgraded V1.14 to V1.12 stable (32-bit) Vivaldi task manager
    • right side updated V1.14 stable to Snapshot 1.15.1094.3 (32-bit) task manager
    • bottom Windows task manager
      0_1518616137139_Vivaldi CPU Usage.PNG
      In my opinion the data of the CPU usage are wrong. This affects the 1.14 Stable and this Snapshot.

    Off topic: Why I can see in the Windows task manager one more task, which is not shown in the Vivaldi task manager?

    Windows 10 Pro (x64) - Vivaldi Standalone 1.14 Stable (x32)

  • @mottenmouse said in CPU continuously used.:

    Please open the internal task manager of your system and check whether they match.

    By eye-balling, I can see that they do roughly match ("they" = macOS's Activity Monitor and Vivaldi's Task Manager).

    Today, it's worse. Again the active tab is Start Page (Speed Dial) and the other tabs are hibernated. 7--11% CPU is used by Vivaldi and Vivaldi Helper combined. But, 30% of the time, say, it drops to 0.9%.

    Strangely, when I'm writing this on this Vivaldi forum, Vivaldi's CPU usage is more normal. It shots up to 5--15% sometimes, but it stays below 1% for a longer time. Does that mean, is there something wrong with Speed Dial?

    I may be wrong, but I have the feeling that this has started recently, although I can't recall when.

    Gwen-Dragon: I believe you about Chrome 64 and Opera 51, but I don't think this should be normal. Think about the use of Vivaldi on a battery powered laptop. For whatever reason, an idling app shouldn't continuously use CPU, and there should be a method to bring it to a completely idle state.

    Anyway, I now understand it's not only me. Thank you, folks.

    Edit: It is interesting! It's the Speed Dial. When Gmail is active, Vivaldi's CPU use is below 1% and stays there. When the Start Page (Speed Dial) is active, it's like 7% as described above. Do other people see a similar result?

  • I've carried out some more experiments and come to form a hypothesis: When Vivaldi shows something that moves, it uses 6-10% of my CPU.

    1. The default Speed Dial includes "Vivaldi Community", whose icon is an animation. When I deleted the entry, the CPU use dropped and stayed there.

    2. When Vivaldi's Task manager is shown, Vivaldi's CPU use never goes down below 5%.

    There may be something wrong somewhere in the way Vivaldi does graphics, but I don't know.

    If this is normal (nothing wrong with Vivaldi), then the default Speed Dial shouldn't use an animated icon.

    Also, Vivaldi should implement a feature that freezes (hibernates) absolutely everything, including animations.

    Otherwise, each time you leave the Vivaldi window to do something else, you have to make sure the active tab is one that doesn't consume CPU, which is very annoying.

    Edit: I've confirmed that the animated Speed-Dial entry is the culprit, by starting Vivaldi from a fresh profile and opening only the Speed Dial and then deleting the "Vivaldi Community" entry from it.


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