Hibernation by default

  • Hibernation by default. I'm sure this was asked for before, but I need/want the tabs to automatically go hibernation when in the background, unless I mark them as "always awake".

    Recently, the CPU fan starts to make loud noise and each time the Activity Monitor shows one or two "Vivaldi Helper" processes using a lot of CPU time. I then go to the Vivaldi window and invoke the "Hibernate Background Tabs" function. This stops the high CPU activity. This problem occurs, say, 2--5 times a day.

    I haven't identified which tabs are the culprits. The "Task Manager" of Vivaldi usually shows "Browser" consuming the CPU time.

    (I have the "Lazy Load Restored Tabs" switched on, but I guess this is a different functionality from the feature I'm asking for.)

  • @ryofurue Yes, it has been requested before.

    Hibernate New Background Tabs

    Bookmark this link and change the search text to find other topics.

  • @pesala Hi, Thank you for your help! But, my request covers tabs that are not "new".

    The link you provide requests that a newly opened-in-background tab be automatically hibernated. My request covers that.

    But, mine also requests that an old tab which becomes background be automatically hibernated.

    So, I wish my request "absorbed" the one in the link.

  • @ryofurue This is already implemented. See the Tab Context Menu.

    0_1518596783534_Hibernated Background Tabs.png

  • Hi @Pesala

    This is already implemented. See the Tab Context Menu.
    Oh, you misunderstand me. Read my initial message.

    Anyway I summarize my request:

    Background tabs shall be automatically hibernated unless the user marks them as "always awake".

    The context menu you mention hibernate the background tabs. But,

    1. Activate tab A.
    2. Activate tab B.
    3. Then, tab A remains non-hibernated.

    My request says that after step 2, tab A shall be automatically hibernated.

    This is more general than the request you link to, and is more convenient to issuing "hibernate background tabs" from the context menu again and again and again.

  • @ryofurue Understood

  • I think I support the request. At least if it is meant that even when activating a tab (making it visible) it is not automatically refreshing the page.

    What I - to my satisfaction - found out recently that Vivaldi more and more is acting similar to O12 in that the content of at least some webpages in open tabs are surviving a closing and restarting circle without being reloaded when activating the tab.

    What I still don't fully understand is what the intended behavior of this "hibernating" thing is. There is no way to check if a tab is currently set on hibernating and I believe that no matter if a tab was set on hibernating or not, when activating a tab it is no longer set to hibernate, right?

  • @goedl said in Hibernation by default:

    here is no way to check if a tab is currently set on hibernating

    There is. Settings, Tabs, Tab Display, Dim icon when Hibernated.


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