How many user ?

  • Can Vivaldi say how many user are using its browser at the current time ? Seems not be take in consideration in different web browser surveys.

  • No response ? Is it a secret defense ?

  • There is only you and me, and I'm not sure about you. 😛

    No, seriously, I doubt if any meaningful survey data exist yet. Vivaldi probably has some data about how many downloads there have been, but I haven't seen any of it published anywhere. And this is primarily a user community (although developers do post occasionally), so most of us don't know.

    The Vivaldi browser is in its infancy at "Technical Preview" stage, with Tech Preview 1 released Feb. 16, 2015 and Tech Preview 2 released Mar. 5, 2015. I'm not sure what "Technical Preview" means to the Vivaldi Team, but in various situations it is sometimes used to mean pre-Alpha, Alpha (feature development), or Beta (more or less feature complet and primarily debugging). It seems that most of the recent comments I've seen refer to Vivaldi as pre-Alpha or Alpha.

    Of course many of the users are Opera aficionados, and probably a significant percentage of those are registered here in the Vivaldi Community. A new user number 41898 just posted yesterday in the New to Vivaldi Introduce yourself! thread, so that number may (?) reflect how many users have registered.

    AFAIK, browser user statistics are usually aggregated from browser User Agent identification data from billions of users on a wide range of browsers across a large number of websites. I could be wrong, but I doubt Vivaldi's usage is enough to even begin to appear on browser usage surveys.

  • 'There is only you and me'
    Ok, that 's an idea : everybody counts yourself in the forum !!!!!
    I begin: One

    'A new user number 41898'
    This is a good and sufficient response for me.

    Thank you

  • @Minskaya:

    'A new user number 41898'
    This is a good and sufficient response for me.

    Since my previous post, I discovered that the current number of registered Vivaldi Community users is displayed on these All Users and the Registered Users pages.

    FWIW, when I first checked those pages about 6 hours ago, they indicated 41,777 registered Vivaldi Community users. Now (6 hours later) they indicate 41,817 registered users, a (net?) increase of 40 users (or about 160 new users per day). That's not a very long sampling period, but that number could monitored from time to time get a pretty good idea of the Vivaldi Community growth rate.

  • If we suppose there are 5 browser user for each regsitered community user we could estimate the vivaldi users to 200.000.

  • please, stop this.

    one just can't know

    1. if 1 user downloaded like 5 installers or just 1
    2. if the user is active or just tried Vivaldi and is using another browser
    3. how many users skip some versions of VB
    4. how many users install both TP and snapshot (not all install everything but some does…)

    so the only number you can get is "number of total downloads of each build" ( => and from that count total number of downloads).
    But I think that this is 1) not accure at all 2) internal number 3) anything but needed to know by us
    All we need that 1st TP has been downloaded more than 500 000 times in the first week!

    please, stop this.

  • @ahoj1234:

    please, stop this.
    please, stop this.


    I 'm deeply shocked by your intervention.
    If the question do not interest you, just not post on it but you do not have to come to say me what to do or not to do.

  • It seems with the Snapshot that i'm not the only one interested by the question.

    I hope the results of the poll will be communicated


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