Legacy Chromium Option (Stable / Snapshot)

  • An option/experiment to delay versions in the branch (stable/snapshot) under particular circumstances:

    • New Chromium version broke some functions (eg: protocols/streams);
    • New Chromium version break page rendering (eg: frequent crashes);
    • New Chromium break codecs/extensions;
    • Big rewrites in Vivaldi UI which could lead to major issues;
    • I'll add even annoying bugs (eg. codec/keyrings/desktop integration), not always due chromium, for specific platforms (like the ones that could happen on mac/linux).
    • (Suboption?) Delay even RCs if marked as problematics.

    This will reduce security/privacy so it must be optional and kept as "experiment" 😛
    But it could improve overall performance/usability for people who don't need/want always to be on latest version if this could break something they care.

    This shouldn't impact feedback/quality/development a lot, as probably many v-tester will still stay on latest version or can keep both versions as standalone 🙂

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    @hadden89 I think this is a non-starter. If anyone wishes to stick with an old Final or Snapshot version that works better for them they can.

    The decision when to release a new Stable version is made by the developers, i.e. whether the bugs fixed are more important than those not fixed and regressions caused by the Chromium update.

    Releasing multiple versions just makes more work with no benefits. It will confuse users, and make more work for bug reporting.

    @ayespy said in Just dumped Vivaldi:

    The chronic problem that Vivaldi faces is that, first, for security's sake if nothing else, it simply must keep pace in new releases with its Chromium engine, insofar as possible. This means a new stable release every six weeks or so, whether Vivaldi wants to do it or not. It means, second, that it has to face the fact that every new version of Chromium (on top of which Vivaldi is built) breaks numerous things in Vivaldi, which worked fine on top of the prior version of Chromium. Then half or more of development time is spent leading up to the next Stable release, just fixing things the new Chromium version broke. If Vivaldi waits until the devs can make everything stable and clean on top of each new Chromium version before updating, it will fall farther and farther and farther behind Chromium, and have more and more and more security holes all the time. This must not happen.

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