Option for Find in Page Toolbar at the Bottom

  • Some user are not comfortable with looking between top & middle section of the screen. Thus there should be option for BOTTOM posittion for Findbar to ease the eyes strain from staring upward to much.

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    @dude99 I find that any discomfort is due to the page content moving down when the toolbar is shown.

  • @pesala Yes. That too is kinda nauseating after awhile. I forgot about it becuz I modded it to not shift the webpage when show the findbar... then later i just move it to the bottom becuz my eyes just can't stand keep looking upward & back to the middle of the screen when search for text on webpage.

  • Here is my DIY mod: https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/222571

    As u can see, it's not really that hard to complete this request. It only took me a few hours to write & optimized this CSS mod (I'm not a programmer, ok).

    Please just do it.

  • This is a pretty old request, but sadly still not implemented. In addition of the "bloated head" feeling, it's uncomfortable high position and the jumping page: The "Find in Page" search bar seems to trigger a resize event and seriously messes with some webpages when it's being toggled on/off. Some websites jump to completely different scroll positions when you try to find some text, which is especially bothersome on loooong sites.

    Plus it's a serious waste of screen space, given that it covers the full width of the viewport, but uses only about 1/5th of the reserved space. I'd vote for a floating bar that's only as wide as its content and can be positioned anywhere we want. Or, if given the option, i'd like it to be permanently available in the middle of the status bar or open in there (without increasing its height of course), where at my browser size about 80% of space is just wasted.

    Please could you look into this and give the "Find in Page" some long missing TLC? Ty.

  • Hey guys, just wanted to tell that I've just spent better part of morning figuring out the way to do so. Snippets from forum don't work (had to add z-index to .find-in-page), and overall feels buggy. Would love to see the native support for the feature

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