Add, Delete, and Rename Start Page Background Images

  • Update: There are now 14 background images. The file-naming is even more of a mess than before.

    The default background images are named:

    1. Vivaldi (bg.jpg)
    2. Human (bg_alt_7.jpg)
    3. Hot Pink (bg_alt_1.jpg)
    4. Subtle (bg_alt_5.jpg)
    5. Dark (bg_alt_2.jpg)
    6. Blueprint (bg_alt_6.jpg)
    7. Beach (bg_alt_4.jpg)
    8. Light (bg_alt_3.jpg)
    9. Sunset (old_bg_alt_1.jpg)
    10. Starry Night (old_bg_alt_2.jpg)
    11. Pink Cloud (old_bg_alt_3.jpg)
    12. Jellyfish (old_bg_alt_4.jpg)
    13. Purple Lake (old_bg_alt.jpg)
    14. Wave (old_bg_alt_6.jpg)
    15. Desktop Wallpaper
    16. Change to one of your own name and choice.

    Let users delete any or all of these background images, and add as many of their own as they wish. Autoname them from the Filename to make it simpler.

  • Having a single option for custom is quite tedious, the ability to add multiple would be very useful in my opinion.


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