Bookmark Title Updating

  • When I add a website directly to speed dial, the title is the URL and it never updates unless I manually change it, is there a way to correct this behavior? Especially once I've visited the site or hit the little refresh button in the tile on the speed dial page, the title should change to whatever the page title is. Does anyone else have this issue or am I just unique?

  • @janagyjr When I add this page using the Add Bookmark dialogue, the page title is used. However, as you say, if you add the speed dial from the speed dial page, the URL is used.

    That could be a bug. Submit a Bug Report

    If I manually edit the title, then it does not change on refreshing the thumbnail, which is what I would expect. Very rarely is the page title suitable for the thumbnail title, so manually editing each one is the best option.

    If I add this thread, for example, the Speed Dial Title will be:

    Bookmark Title Updating | Vivaldi Forum

    This is too long to fit the width allowed for a thumbnail. Much better is :

    Bookmark Title Updating

    Tip: To improve the thumbnail. zoom in close then reload the thumbnail.

    0_1518498020979_Speed Dial Thumbnail.png

  • Thank you.


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