Vivaldi on macOS not opening Homepage on start

  • If Vivaldi is not running and I open it, the homepage will be opened. But after I quit it (not completely, so it's still running without any windows) and open it again, Start Page is opened instead of the Homepage.

    Any ideas?

  • What is your setting for "new tab" page? (V settings, category tabs)

  • It's set to Homepage.

  • Sorry, no further ideas...

  • Moderator

    Confirmed. I just configured Vivaldi to "Startup with: Homepage" and set the "New Tab Page" option to "Homepage"

    Vivaldi opens the Homepage on launch, and when I open a new tab. However, when I close all Vivaldi windows, then open a new window, it does not open the Homepage.

    I'll file a bug for this.

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