Separate Options for Tab Cycling and Scrolling Tabs on Tab bar

  • Could you separate the option for scrolling tabs with the mouse wheel from tab cycling with RMB + Scrollwheel?

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    @formedras Switching Tabs by holding the RMB and scrolling is already implemented. Enable it in Settings, Tabs, Tab Features, Tab Cycling, Switch Tabs by Scrolling.

    If you want to customise rocker gestures, that has already been requested.

  • Ok... that's great. Thanks. But I'd like to have the feature be separate from scrolling on the tab bar. I sometimes have enough tabs, despite the list location, to actually scroll the list. And I'd like to do that and still have Mouse2+Scroll. But the feature the way it is right now is all or nothing.

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    @formedras I have edited the thread title and description in light of your comment. Feel free to improve it, if it's not quite what you meant.

  • I'd like to support this request. I'm constantly annoyed by loading tons of hibernated tabs just because I happen to accidentally use the scroll wheel while hovering over the tab bar, or to accidentally move the mouse while scrolling the page and suddenly hitting the tab bar, or to scroll because I believe the mouse to be over the page, but it's over the tab bar instead, or I'm using my laptop's unreliable touchpad and it gets my touches wrong.

    Yes, most of that is actually my fault, but I'd love Vivaldi to help working around my deficiency in using computers. I absolutely do need the "right-click and scroll to switch tab" feature because I've been using it since Opera had it, so two separate options would be sooo wonderful. 🙂

  • Absolutely need this. I have my tab bar on the left so if I have too many tabs open, they overflow the page and there's a scroll bar.

    But if I have "Switch Tabs by Scrolling" on, scrolling to see the rest of my tabs causing me to quickly change tabs.

    And of course I'd like to be able to have Right Mouse + Scroll change tabs, so having these as two separate options would be helpful. I'll have to looking into modding Viv to disable switching tabs by scrolling over the tab bar.

  • still no way to do this yet? i switched back to Firefox. only Firefox/Waterfox allows scrolling tabs with just mouse wheel (via userChrome.css), and also RMB+scroll wheel gesture for other purposes (scroll to top/bottom in my case).

    could not use Chrome either, because there is no tab scrolling with just mousewheel over the tab bar.


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