Lost Session, again.

  • Opening Vivaldi too fast after closing opens new clean window, and current session is lost.
    No way of restoring it, even though it is stored in file named Last Session. WHY???
    Good i got used to this browser and saved it from time to time but I think that if it happens 2 or 3 more times I'm gonna say goodbye to it.

  • @treap From what I have read, such issues are usually caused by extensions. Use Shift+Esc to see what Vivaldi process are running.

    What extensions are you using?
    Can you reproduce it if none are running?

    Read some previous topics

  • Haven't heard about that. but I only have Tampermonkey and Adguard Installed so I would rather doubt that it's the cause.
    What do You mean by what sessions? i have one window with around 40 tabs which i started save from time to time, after losing them repeatedly
    I don't understand, how can i lose all the tabs with none opened?

  • @treap I meant to say "What extensions are you using?"

    If some processes are still running, Vivaldi cannot save the session properly, so there is no session to restore. That's what I read.

    There are many previous threads on this topic.

  • I had the same issue recently.

    It was caused by Vivaldi process still running even after closing of main window.

    If you're running it on Windows 7/10, there may be a small Vivaldi icon at the right of the OS bottom bar, near the clock. The icon remains even after Vivaldi is closed.
    Right clicking on it shows some options related to update, and it seems normal that the process remains alive because it offers the option to "let Vivaldi run in background", or something like that. (I don't remember the exact label)

    However, this option seems to be buggy... And disabling it has solved the session problem for me.

    You can also do the following test: open the task manager (ctrl+alt+suppr) and kill every living Vivaldi processes... Your session should be back on next restart.

    I admit that I have not reported an issue for that, everything is not very clear for me... But there is definitely something strange related to all that.

  • @pesala Yup, i know that there are many threads about that, it only makes it more annoying that there is still no fix for that, or some session manager like one that used to be in old good opera.

    I'll try to do it without extensions and write about the effect.

    Also after update i had one new thing, right after me closing Vivaldi some installer forced Vivaldi to open, I got full black window and nothing happened after that, but surprisingly my session wasn't harmed.

  • @treap I found that after using Ctrl+Alt+Delete to end all Vivaldi processes, that sessions were successfully saved again.

    One can, of course, save and open sessions from the File menu, but one cannot effectively protect oneself against losing some tabs.

  • @pesala Yup that's the problem. I guess Vivaldi acts like it's still opened.

    Opera 12, had that thingy which I guess was the easiest way to prevent it. When opened too fast after closing little window showed up saying that the process is still running and You can force it to close if You like.

  • Just because I didn't read anything about it in this thread.
    Did you tried to disable "Running Background Apps when Vivaldi is closed" ?
    You can give it a try in the following setting chrome://settings/?search=hard
    I don't know if this is related in any kind but at least it is an option.

  • @Pesala @Treap
    Yes, this confirms what I said in my previous post. I made same experiment for the same conclusion ^^

    @zaibon Yes. cf here upper, disabling "let Vivaldi run in background" seems to act as a workaround.
    I don't know what is its real "functional" impact, though. Is it only related to "background apps" as you say? And what is exactly a "background app"?

  • For the time being I use the Tab Hamster extension as insurance. Since I installed it, I haven't had to use it. Fear factor on the browser's part, apparently. 🙂

  • @paul1149
    Thanks for the hint! TabHamster is very cool!

  • @guilimote said in Lost Session, again.:

    And what is exactly a "background app"?

    I have not the slightest idea ^^

  • Moderator

    @guilimote said in Lost Session, again.:

    And what is exactly a "background app"?

    Often, apps that do things like collect and display notifiers or pushed messages when the browser is closed.

  • Just lost a ~30 tabs session:

    • Browser become unresponsive after I tried to open some page.
    • I closed browser window.
    • Opened Vivaldi again, but it opened in hanged state with all-white window.
    • Closed browser again.
    • Opened Vivaldi again, but now it lost last session.

  • Was able to restore last session via Trash can menu.

  • This is still a thing. Luckily for me I use tabhamster now, but still it autosaves only once in a few days, don't know why :v
    Will it ever be fixed?

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