Drag & Drop Extensions into Trashcan

  • Can you make a extension disable or hide or uninstall or to ask what to do with a option in settings when an extension is dragged and dropped into the trashcan.

  • @afsarpasha Which trash can? The one on the Tab Bar is for closed pages. Extensions can be removed from the context menu on the Extensions toolbar.

    0_1518377571017_Remove Extension.png

  • @pesala Yeah I know it's for closed pages but disabling or uninstalling an extension by this way would be nice.

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    @afsarpasha That would require an entire re-write of both the tab and extension UI code. The "trash can" is not a trash can. It's merely tab memory storage. The trash can symbol is inherited from old-style opera, but it was never anything other than tab memory storage.

  • I think we can tag this as Will Not Do.

    If you look in your User Data folder, you can see how extensions are stored as an entire folder with lots of files.

    0_1518544022719_Extensions Folder.png

    Storing that lot in as an entry in a single file is impractical.

  • @pesala @Ayespy I'm not asking to restore after uninstalling ok fine can they make to disable or hide the extension when it is dragged and dropped to trashcan. I think it can be done.

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    @afsarpasha Yes, it can be done - with a complete re-write of the tab and extension UI codes.

  • @ayespy What's the need of completely re-writing the tabs and extensions UI codes. The trashcan can detect when an extension when it is dragged over the icon, when the extension icon is dropped into the trashcan only a code/command is needed to sent to disable or hide the icon.

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    @afsarpasha The trashcan is not a standalone section of code. It is integrally connected to tabs and the memory storage space for tabs, and only that. It merely exposes an aspect of tab storage, nothing more. And the code to be able to even drag extension icons is a completely separate aspect of the UI code. It took literally months to write. So to join these two sections of code and expose functions of both in the same icon means the extensions UI code has to be re-written to create an icon-activated function that does not now exist, and this has to somehow be integrated into an icon-exposed function that belongs entirely to tabs. This is actually not possible. So - a generic "trash can" code section (which does not exist) would have to be created, and it would have to have the ability to detect whether it was being activated from the tab end of things, or from the extension end of things, and perform completely different operations depending on "who" is calling it.

    Now - I may not have this completely right, as I am not a coder - but with my programming training and knowledge of how software logic works, and what the history of the tab "trashcan" has been for the last 20 years or more, I know I'm close. A coder may correct me. But the key thing to know is this: The trashcan is not a thing. It's just an icon exposing an aspect of tab storage and as such is married to tab code only. The other thing to know is that tab code and extension code are not related.

  • You can install an extension for this : SimpleExtManager


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