One Click to Start Capture Page

  • Can you make camera icon start capturing when left clicked and show the options on right-click, with the capture tool remembering its previous settings?

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    @afsarpasha I think this would be an improvement. I doubt if many users need to change the options for every capture.

    While you're waiting for this, If you set a shortcut for the option that you want to use in Settings Keyboard then you won't need to select the method as you do after clicking the icon in the Status Bar.

    0_1518378939981_Capture Shortcuts.png

    This may solve your problem, but note that it always saves to PNG, never to JPG. For webpages, which are usually text, PNG is the best format to use.

    (VB-34841) Save Capture to File from Menu Always saves as PNG

    If what you want is to save exactly the same area again, that option does not exist.

  • @pesala No, I don't want to capture/save exactly the same area again. What I meant by previous settings is the capture page settings.
    If anyone wants to change the option they can use right click to change the option if it is implemented.

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    I have edited your first post to make it clearer. If this is not correct, please clarify.

    • If the last used setting was capture page, click to capture the page
    • If the last used setting was capture select, click to capture a selection by making a selection
    • If the last use image format was PNG, save as PNG; if it was JPG, save as JPG.

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