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  • @joao-rossa The wish should wait exactly the same time as the request (not from the moment it appeared, but from any moment when both exist), as it’s about a way this should not be made, not a different feature (even as a sub-feature).

  • @potmeklecbohdan Not really following what you've said , but this should not be in progress if there's no progress lol

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    @joao-rossa In Progress means that it is being worked on, or already available in Snapshots, but not yet in the Final release (currently 2.10).

  • @Pesala But when i asked the status in the other thread it was said no progress...

  • @joao-rossa How do vivaldi sets priority in these in progress issues?
    The different theme on private window has less votes than this one.

  • @Maxrunner I think the private themes feature was mainly done by designers with the help of probably one dev.
    But yeah, I hope to see the scrollable panel soon.

  • @Hadden89 That one is already fixed it seems....this one seems to be in limbo for quite some time now.

  • i still think this should be considered a bug. Since if you managed to add panels on say, a big monitor and then go back to a laptop, your last panels wont appear.

  • @Maxrunner Not everything is driven by the feature request threads on the forum. For one thing, it's not a complete picture of Vivaldi's userbase. Additionally, apparent relative popular desire for a feature request isn't the same thing as real relative popular desire, and neither are the same thing as business needs. Below a certain threshold, the relative popular desire becomes negligible as well, and I don't think this feature request even makes it into the top 100 in terms of popularity, for the desktop alone (not counting Android).

    This is all before we begin to discuss the costs of development. @Hadden89 pointed out a major component of that calculation, but the number of people to build/create it isn't the sole factor. Concurrent changes in the code base are another important consideration.

    Just looking at the number of votes that two feature request threads have hardly scratches the surface of what goes into making product management decisions.

  • @BoneTone I have hard time believing that panel features doesn't have hight request votes, its one of the main features of this browser after all, and they haven't touch these with any new features in ages. Still i wouldn't consider this a "feature" more like a bug to me. Imagine if you hadnt scroll on the tabs...

  • @joao-rossa said in Scroll through Side Panel:

    I have hard time believing

    There's no need to believe anything, everyone can see the number of votes the OP has -- this one has 29. Limiting ourselves to panel feature requests only, that doesn't even put it in the top 10; it's an order of magnitude less popular than the most popular panel feature request: Sessions Panel. That's a qualitative difference in popularity.

  • @joao-rossa said in Scroll through Side Panel:

    if you managed to add panels on say, a big monitor and then go back to a laptop, your last panels wont appear.

    As a workaround in the meantime, you can still access those panels by making use of keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures assigned to the go to next/previous panel actions. I find those actions useful even without losing visibility of panels.

  • So Brave is coming out with their own implementation of the panel bar (they're calling it a sidebar instead), and it already seems to have scrolling from the get go.
    "Sidebar" with scrolling

    Link for anyone mildly curious

  • Yep, its amazing how this is still not implemented, its not like you can add more than you can can, so you just need to see them when youre on a smaller screen.

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