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  • Can you make an option in the settings to scroll the webpage when the cursor is at the side panel or just make the side panel scrollable to show the other items, since if there are more side panel items or the window height is small other items/icons are hidden.

  • Or, why not, having the panel enlarged (two columns for example or groups of panels that we could organize by themes/topics)?

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    I am unlikely to run out of space on my 1200x1800 portrait primary monitor, but on 1920x1080 landscape @ 110% UI Zoom it could become a problem one day.

    Two columns of icons or a scrollbar would be ugly, but a scrollable sidebar could work. I wonder how users would manage if they don't use a scrollwheel mouse? Click and drag?

    Perhaps the + button could be moved up as a separator between the default panels and the web panels? That would ensure that it never disappears from view.

    0_1532894343590_Panel Toolbar.png

    Another option would be to zoom to fit, but again some users might still run out of space.

  • I wonder how users would manage if they don't use a scrollwheel mouse? Click and drag?

    @pesala Good question.... some ideas in order of preference (optional, of course):

    • Small arrows (up/down) meant as first web panel button.
    • Custom gesture for panel button area (up/down);
    • A thin scrollbar;
    • Multiple columns;
    • Keyboard shortcuts;

    Click and drag is problematic, as it could be currently interfere with web panel icons sorting.

  • Should this be solved with submenus as paint programs do with their tools ?

  • @pesala Ugly? I don't know. It's a question of visual taste.
    The convenience of having, for example, the icons on two columns (or any other solution) is that the user can immediately see the webpanels he has while a scrolling sidebar would mean the user would have to "search" visually the webpanels he is looking for.
    What do you think?

  • I was thinking. Why couldn't we have the web panels (as an option of course) on both sides of the screen (one on the left and one on the right)? Unless the empty part of the browser is intended for a future surprising and fantastic feature...

  • @ornorm said in Scroll through Side Panel:


    IS there a prevision for when this will release? I've that it has been difficult to come with a solution for it.

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    @maxrunner No ETA is ever given. Even insiders who have some idea are not allowed to say anything.

    Please see When Will Feature Requests be Implemented?

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