Thanks to Developers and the community!

  • If you are unhappy with Vivaldi [b]then don't stop[/b] using it! [b]Don't even think about leaving Vivaldi![/b] With each new update/snapshot I can feel the difference. And that [b]difference[/b] has been bringing the improvements! Thanks to developers. I know that sometimes we expect too much and we feel sad. I once expected too much from Vivaldi and felt very sad because it didn't meet my expectations. The fault was mine I went two steps ahead without even thinking and posted this topic in the forums: Yes, fault was mine. I failed to recognize and understand what actually is Technical Preview. I have started to like Vivaldi. Now the websites load faster! I believe they have somewhat played a good game with cache implementation! Those who are unhappy should report what they don't like and [b]yes, don't become a critic[/b] when you are writing in the forums. And yes, the administrators are very friendly... thanks to [b]Aronand and Hlini[/b] And yes, the community members.... [b]Ayespy, newscpq, Blackbird and jazei[/b] However there are still few things that I would still like to report: 1 - Thumbnails of some sites still appear blank! Refer to: 2 - Switching between tabs is slow. Only these two are the concerned issues are me. :)

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    Thanks for the kind mention. If people come to like and use the browser, and fully support the team's efforts to bring us a great web experience, that's thanks enough for me.

  • I also want to thank the devs for making and continuing this awesome browser!

  • but there is an user (what a coincidence up of mine post) here very sharply to say veryyyyy fast LEAVE … GO OUT HERE and go on with your yandex or IE. but lucky of mines there is only 1 saying that and no more people.

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