Just dumped Vivaldi

  • Growing tired of Vivaldi to confront the problems with the Vivaldi browser I got sick of the inaction and revisited an old friend Opera.

    To my surprise Opera has been cleaned , the interface, speed dialing etc all come to together nicely.
    No problems anymore that plagued Vivaldi, loading is smooth and fast sites play every thing that I use, no missing 'content not found" no slurred audio .
    Opera has now made it onto my quick launch bar and Vivaldi has been removed .
    The only thing I don't like is the inability for the bookmarks to stay permanent on the left side.
    That is one thing that Mozilla can do but these other two browsers can't.

  • @thubleau Hope you enjoy "Opera's" native tab-stacks, tab-tiles, gestures, Notes, SD flexibility, UI customisability, yada yada.

  • @thubleau said in Just dumped Vivaldi:

    The only thing I don't like is the inability for the bookmarks to stay permanent on the left side.

    I have no idea what this means.

  • If you don't need Vivaldi's advanced features, it is indeed a good idea to stick with a more mature browser. There is simply no arguing that. Vivaldi distinguishes itself being a browser for "power users", foregoing mass appeal and serving a niche market.

  • @purgatori Personally what i hate about V is its simply pathetic inability for its bookmarks to remain permanently arranged in a letter "Z" shape across the middle of the web-page view section of the UI. I mean, c'mon, what are the Devs doing there? How could they miss this critical feature?

    Gotta go now; i have an appointment to go shoot myself in the foot. After that i'm scheduled to cut off my nose to spite my face.

    EDIT: I say all this in a totally innocent non-sarcastic non-cynical non-ironic sense, as is my natural wont.

  • @steffie You're right. And that also better be a feature included in the mail reader when it arrives as well, or I'll be switching over to Google Chrome or Firefox to use their mail readers instead!

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    A Trappist monk can only speak once a year.

    1. The first year he said: "The food is bad."
    2. The second year he said: "The bed is hard."
    3. The third year he said: "I am leaving."
    • The abbot said: "Thank goodness.

  • @nitronipp Ah yes, the evil of continuous improvement, innovation & expansion. Curses on fiendish people who like making things better for like-minded souls.

  • @nitronipp ..but my evening does not arrive for another 7 hours, so now i am in a real quandary... what shall i do til then?

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    @nitronipp Vivaldi is on a heavy push to reach a mature state. There are numerous features intended for a "mature" version which are still not included. As the VAST majority of Vivaldi users are here just in anticipation of such features, the developers have to put forth their best efforts to finish them. There will continue to be more, and more, and more Vivaldi features because that is the very reason for the existence of Vivaldi. If you are not interested in Vivaldi feature-richness, you definitely should use something else.

    You had a question about bitcoin mining. Vivaldi is doing no such thing.

    The chronic problem that Vivaldi faces is that, first, for security's sake if nothing else, it simply must keep pace in new releases with its Chromium engine, insofar as possible. This means a new stable release every six weeks or so, whether Vivaldi wants to do it or not. It means, second, that it has to face the fact that every new version of Chromium (on top of which Vivaldi is built) breaks numerous things in Vivaldi, which worked fine on top of the prior version of Chromium. Then half or more of development time is spent leading up to the next Stable release, just fixing things the new Chromium version broke. If Vivaldi waits until the devs can make everything stable and clean on top of each new Chromium version before updating, it will fall farther and farther and farther behind Chromium, and have more and more and more security holes all the time. This must not happen.

    Here's the silver lining in this cloud: When Vivaldi is finally feature-mature, it will both have more developers, and fewer new features that have to be developed. Hence, it will be able to devote increased time to fixing the things that Chromium inevitably breaks between versions, and it will be more and more stable. If you do not have the patience for this, I think we all understand. You will have to use something that is more "stable," has fewer features, and develops more slowly. That is your choice. Many Vivaldi users may not empathize with that viewpoint, as most of us are here for the very purpose of living on the bleeding edge, and do not care to see our browser remain still, be boring, and grow stale.

    But you must make yourself happy.

  • @nitronipp Look, it's clear the current version of Vivaldi annoys you, I can understand that. Just switch to another browser and come back to test the next version of Vivaldi. They put security over functionality this time and there's no arguing that, but there's also no reason to get emotional. Vivaldi hasn't become a bad browser just because of one release, have a little patience.

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    @NitroNipp Do not repost moderator deleted posts.

  • @thubleau I can understand where you're coming from,I experience the same problems.I thought wow a new search engine.I'm still hoping it will get the kinks out,but if not I'm leaving also.

  • @gemstar said in Just dumped Vivaldi:

    @thubleau I can understand where you're coming from,I experience the same problems.I thought wow a new search engine.I'm still hoping it will get the kinks out,but if not I'm leaving also.

    If you think that Vivaldi is a search engine, then I can understand why your expectations are not being met.

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