Total Freeze no keyboard input possible

  • Win 10 64 bit

    I have a huge issue: Vivaldi stopped working some days ago. It opens the window but everything remains blank. If I try to make some URL input nothing happens.

    I uninstalled + reinstalled but the problem remains.

    I need to get some of the passwords I had stored in the browser and nowhere else (yes I know, my mistake)

    Any ideas!?

    Thank you

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    @davidtmonteiro Do you know where your Vivaldi directory is?

    If so, go into vivaldi/user data/default/ and delete any file that has the word "session" or "tabs" in it. It should then open normally. If not, then rename the whole "Default" folder and that will at least get it open for you, though you will then need to move all of your critical data (including the Login Data file - where your passwords live) from the renamed file to the newly formed Default file.

    Once you have it opening properly, if you still need to export your passwords, comment here and I will walk you through that.

  • @ayespy said in Total Freeze no keyboard input possible:

    /user data/default/

    I installed in c:\Program Files (x86)\Vivaldi
    As it seems those folders are completely missing... very strange!

    a while back i had done a backup of the "Vivaldi\Default" folder.

    Thank you

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    @davidtmonteiro Well, if you didn't do a "standalone" install, your profile folder will be at c:\Users(yourusername)\appdata\local\Vivaldi

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    @davidtmonteiro Open in Explorer %LOCALAPPDATA%\VIvaldi\User Data\ and you will find your profile.

  • Thank you. I copied the backup i had from the "default" folder, and overwrite the new one from the fresh install, and now all seems good.

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