Can I gush over Vivaldi a little bit more?

  • This is a topic about the window manager disguised as a love rant.

    I mean, seriously, the window manager is so nice, so fantastic to use, and miraculously eliminates the need for me to have tab overflow, because it makes using tabstacks easy and simple, without eliminating the need for the tab bar, AND without me needing to have it (the window manager) open all the time.

    One of the reasons I never used tree-style tabs in Firefox was because I thought (and maybe I was right) it actually replaced the toolbar, and I didn't want to use tree-style tabs all the time. But Vivaldi's window manager works unobtrusively and very well, so I'm just loving it. It make searching for news so easy and clean, and allows me to have them in a tab stack as a "read later" kind of thing, and then of course I can bookmark the tab stack because OF COURSE I CAN.

    Oh my god this browser is awesome.

    Anyway, constructive feedback. Right. Good. Okay. Here's what I've noticed on my system (I5 4760K, 16GB DDR3, SSD, RX480). The browser becomes sluggish when I try to open 40 or more tabs in quick succession (or at the same time), but it never crashes unless I open 100 or more, and then only if they have heavy assets. In fact, I tried editing 20 youtube videos at the same time, and the browser crashed. This is fine, I'm an idiot and quite frankly a jerk to the browser to expect it to handle all that RAM like that. BUT, if I open the tabs inside a tab stack, the browser doesn't become AS sluggish, and sometimes it does it without a hitch. I am ok with how it is anyway, not a complain, just feedback.

    I also have to say that sometimes Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown doesn't cycle through the tabs in the orders they are displayed, specially if they have been reordered by creating or ungrouping tab stacks. I have "open tab next to last related" enabled.

    Anyway, much love, keep up the good work.

  • Moderator

    Yes, Most features are nice.

    But Vivaldi has sometimes crashers or high RAM consumption with video tabs, but as you have 16 GB you rarely may run into such problems.
    The Vivaldi devs are working hard on such video problems.

    In my daily work as webdev and tester of Vivaldi internal Nightlies i could not see any problems of video crashes or high ressources usage.


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