"Search / Copy" Pop-up Feature

  • Pop up a prompt when selecting text (like new Opera)

    0_1519905427976_Search Copy Popup.png

  • Even it's better than nothing (I vote it), this would not be so interesting than bubble with particular search engines, and not one with only the default search engine : when I select a word, I know that I want to search with it, into a video search engine, an image search engine, a location/map search engine, a movie search engine... Why do you suggest a quicker tool if it is to open a google-like page and then click there for the special search engine and special page ?

    I like this Firefox add-on which is very customizable and then I do a small bubble of my own with light transparent background to not detach from the page, with rounded icons to avoid a messy list...

    This solution lacks money stuff and quick translation anyway but it's a better start according to me than the opera solution.

  • I just want to add to my last message, that the money converter or the quick translation (or even the quick dictionnary) could be done hovering the icon into the bubble and a small pop-up would appear then after a small delay : for example, I move the cursor over the google translation icon then a small pop-up with minimalist information is shown. Generaly, this is enough, but sometimes you need more, in that way I click onto the icon and then my selection is sent to a new tab where the google page has been opened. A same solution for the money converter or even an unity converter ?

  • If this ever gets implemented make it optional, please. Pop-ups should show only if they are really, really, useful. Otherwise they just get in the way.

  • Sorry to react so late.

    But I like and use this bubble commonly, in a way that this make me forgetting that this is only an extension : I strongly think that every browser should have this as native option and even as common. But I also understand the idea that pop-ups mask webpages ; this is probably very true (I experimented this) for the Opera solution ; this have some troubles according to me that the bubble that I suggested gets far away :

    • Opera bubble is centered to the selection instead of being into the the top right (for the left to right reader),
    • Opera uses preferably texts instead of icons : it's more boring to read each one before we find it ; words are long graphical solution, icons less : one word for opera is equivalent to two or three icons ; words have no colour and colorscheme which don't let us find quickly the one interesting whereas icons have,
    • Opera bubble is not transparent, so far it looks hiding the web page, and more seems to be an user interface whereas this bubble should appear the more discretly : using a light transparent and rounded background is a good compromise.

    Surely that the bubble I suggested should not be so large, but the image that I uploaded with the most used search engines, has, onto two lines, more than ten often-used search engines !
    The bubble should look like a ring onto a finger for the selected word.

    I recommand anyone to try it anyhow to feel how a moderate and well customized solution could erase any reticences. Unfortunately, the bubble is from an exclusive firefox extension, and it seems that chrome equivalent doesn't exist...

  • It is not as powerful as the Opera version (yet), but you can try my addon: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/23394/smart-popup

  • Would love that. I think it's a neat feature.
    Was also hoping for the floating searchbox (like in new Opera, activate via keybind) as well, it is so handy and comfortable to use. Would be greater even with the option to select wanted search engine.
    That's one of the things i am missing here on vivaldi.

    @Nekomajin will check your addon out ^_^

  • I've made an independent suggestion to get foreground the bubble version .

  • @acidinmyfridge
    About the floating searchbox, Vivaldi can do something similar, please
    look this feature thread.

  • I too love this feature in the new Opera and specifically searched the forum to find and vote for this feature request for Vivaldi.
    But a bit later, I thought that it would be even more useful to have context menu opened at the text selection, with way more possible actions for selection.

    Perhaps you could express your thoughts on that alternative in the linked topic?


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