"Search / Copy" Pop-up Feature

  • Pop up a prompt when selecting text (like new Opera)

    0_1519905427976_Search Copy Popup.png

  • Even it's better than nothing (I vote it), this would not be so interesting than bubble with particular search engines, and not one with only the default search engine : when I select a word, I know that I want to search with it, into a video search engine, an image search engine, a location/map search engine, a movie search engine... Why do you suggest a quicker tool if it is to open a google-like page and then click there for the special search engine and special page ?

    I like this Firefox add-on which is very customizable and then I do a small bubble of my own with light transparent background to not detach from the page, with rounded icons to avoid a messy list...

    This solution lacks money stuff and quick translation anyway but it's a better start according to me than the opera solution.

  • I just want to add to my last message, that the money converter or the quick translation (or even the quick dictionnary) could be done hovering the icon into the bubble and a small pop-up would appear then after a small delay : for example, I move the cursor over the google translation icon then a small pop-up with minimalist information is shown. Generaly, this is enough, but sometimes you need more, in that way I click onto the icon and then my selection is sent to a new tab where the google page has been opened. A same solution for the money converter or even an unity converter ?

  • If this ever gets implemented make it optional, please. Pop-ups should show only if they are really, really, useful. Otherwise they just get in the way.

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