Show Keyboard Shortcuts in Menus

  • Automatically display the assigned shortcut in menus.

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    I'll merge an old feature request here, because it seems like they're similar/relevant enough.

    Keyboard Shortcuts in context menus
    The context menus show the keyboard shortcuts used by chrome, but not those set by vivaldi. E.g. right clicking a tab shows the "pin tab" command, but does not display a keyboard shortcut if one is set. Right now only the keyboard cheat sheet shows this info.

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  • I reported this as a bug:

    (VB-41002) Shortcuts on Menus Don't Work if Modified

    As LonM said:

    The context menus show the keyboard shortcuts used by chrome, but not those set by Vivaldi.

    For example, if I delete the Ctrl+R shortcut for "Reload Page," it is still shown in the context menu as Ctrl+R, not as F5 which is the only shortcut that now works.

  • This bug seems to be fixed now. Can anyone else confirm?

    0_1538973640468_Shortcuts in Menu.png

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    @pesala I'm seeing the same context menu you are.

  • Seems to be working in Vivaldi 2.0 Stable too, so tagged as DONE.

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    @pesala I don't think it is done.

    • Context menus on the page have keyboard shortcuts listed
    • If I change this, e.g. to make "Bookmark Page" Shift+Y, the context menu still says Ctrl+D
    • No shortcuts are listed on other context menus, such as right-click on a tab

  • @lonm Agreed. The bug is fixed, but there is a lot more work to do yet. Even if I removed the Ctrl+D shortcut for "Create Bookmark" it stills hows on the menu, but does nothing.

    I did notice that for other shortcuts, e.g. Find in Page the one that is listed first is show in the menu so I thought it was fixed.

    • Ctrl+F Period Slash = Ctrl+F on the menu
    • Period Slash Ctrl+F = Period on the menu


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