Nuova Snapshot 1.15.1094.3

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Nuova versione che ci porta una gamma più ampia di opzioni di ricerca, un motore di ricerca dedicato per le finestre riservate e le solite correzioni di bug e regressioni. Private Window default search engine – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.15.1094.3

    Known issues
    No Mac build for today’s snapshot
    [Regression] Gmail never stops loading when some extensions are installed (VB-37486)
    [Regression] Search engines are privatized on save (VB-37481)

    [New Feature] Default search engine for private windows (VB-36828)
    [Regression] Broken (webRequest and localStorage) extensions (VB-36965)
    [Regression] Mouse pointer offset (VB-36503)
    [Regression] Protocol handlers are not passed along anymore (VB-34229)
    [Quick Command] Certain keys do not work on Quick command with US layout keyboard (VB-37119)
    [Notes] Creating an invalid Markdown Task List causes the notes panel to break (VB-37137)
    [Search Engines] Search engine list scroll on keyboard navigation (VB-36813)
    [Settings] https:// in the welcome page can’t be removed (VB-37146)
    [Themes] Set scheduled theme on window open (VB-36292)
    Vivaldi does not start the UI with some --user-agent command line switches (VB-29162)
    Updated translations
    Updated Chromium to 64.0.3282.143

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