Vivaldi suppresses kde power management when uploading files

  • Dear friends,

    I downloaded vivaldi browser linux (debian) package today and installed it. I am using SolydK linux distro with KDE Plasma desktop. When I started uploading files to any file sharing site (zippyshare, openload etc) using vivaldi browser, the power management does not work even though it is set to switch off screen after 1 minute. When I click the Battery and Brightness module a message appears stating: Vivaldi is suppressing power management uploading files to I tested uploading files with vivaldi browser in xfce desktop of SolydX linux distro but the same message appears. I never faced such problems with waterfox, basilisk, firefox, qupzilla etc browsers but only in blink based browsers like vivaldi, slimjet, yandex and chromium (not interested in the last three browsers mentioned after vivaldi)

    I am very fond of Vivaldi browser but only this problem is in the way to use it as the main default browser on my SolydK distro.

    All kinds of suggestion in solving this problem will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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