Middle-click the Trashcan List to Reopen Closed Tabs in a Background Tab

  • So far the migration from Chromium to Vivaldi was really smooth and easy. (Almost) each workflow I have just works (or is better then before), except for this:

    Behaviour: Whenever I have something in Clipboard (or Primary/Secondary on Linux) and click with my middle mouse button on the tab bar or on the + sign (new tab), there will be a new tab.
    Requested behaviour: If I do this with content in the clipboard, the content should get inserted into the address bar and load.

    Almost the same for Closed Tabs:

    Behaviour: If I middle mouse click on a tab in the Closed Tabs section, nothing happens.
    Requested behaviour: Instead the Closed Tab should open in a new (background) tab.

    It would be super awesome, if there would at least be an option for this (or a hint how I can get it to work).
    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • Moderator

    @benjo It is best to make one thread for each feature request.

    1. Middle-click to open New Tab is already there, so vote for that.
    2. I mentioned the Middle-click to open a new tab or search with the clipboard contents in that thread, and just added a new thread for that: Middle-click on Tab Bar to Open URL or Search
    3. Middle-click (or Ctrl+Click) on the Closed Tab list to open the tab has not been requested yet, so I will modify this thread title to focus on that. There is already a request for the History List on the Back Button, so please vote for that.

  • @Pesala awesome, thanks a lot! :)

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