Stylesheet not loading?

  • Hi folks,
    I've had this issue previously with both Chrome and Vivaldi in the past and it's resurfaced again.

    Apologies in advance if this has been covered before.

    As can be seen when loading a page it looks like the styling has been stripped from the page. All works okay after I refresh the page, however, kinda of annoying to be constantly doing that.

    Just wondering if anyone would know of a fix as to how to sort - many thanks in advance

    0_1518180643359_page issues.jpg

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    Does this happen on special pages? If yes, give us links.

    I guess it has more to do with broken Interaction Vivaldi ↔ Extensions you use or aggressive filtering.
    I have such display issue sometimes with uBlockOrigin and PrivacyBadger.

  • I'm having this same problem. I'll try to post more details in a followup, I have been having a ridiculously hard time trying to use this forum.

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    @jml74 Glad you finally got in. Your problems have been sent up the flagpole. Since, as a new user, you can't post links, you can post "broken" links, like "https : mail (at) google (dot) com."

  • I see this same problem on a bunch of websites. ajc dot com is one that shows up exactly like OP's screenshot, and I even had it happen on vivaldi dot com earlier today. Once it happens, reloading the page does not work for me. I can't login to Instagram, once at the login page it claims it can't contact Instagram. Yahoo mail does the same thing, I can login to it, but then it claims it has no Internet connection. Twitter and Facebook also don't load properly. In short, since I upgraded to 1.14, a lot of the Internet is broken for me. I'm on the current stable release, and the one before was doing the same thing.

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    @jml74 I wonder if you use any extensions or security software. I don't use OSX (or any Apple product) but with the latest update, as soon as a mac version can be released, it looks like some of your problems may have already been solved internally.

  • @ayespy Thank you!

  • @ayespy That's good to hear. I hope that comes sooner rather than later, as Vivaldi is pretty much unusable for me currently. I don't have a whole lot of extensions, but I do use ABP and Privacy Badger. Everything was fine until I moved to Vivaldi 1.14.

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    @jml74 Privacy Badger has been seen to block or interfere with certain Vivaldi functions. I can't say if it's your problem or not. I have upvoted each of your posts so - since you now have reputation, I'm pretty sure you should be able to post links now.

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    I remember some extensions failing to filter/block. In 1.14 Stable some issues with extensions exist related to webrequests.
    And these were fixed in 1.15.1094.3 Snapshot.

  • @gwen-dragon Apologies for the delay - I was looking out for email notifications for any follow up on the thread, however, received nothing in.

    Anyway, it seems to happen from time to time on any page, to be honest.

    I have a very small number of extension as shown on the enclosed screengrab - I've had these extension loaded/installed for a while, both on Chrome and Vivaldi. The pages in question load fast enough, however, the result at times is that I just see these text/link pages and no images - some culprit pages offhand:
    Wordpress website backend administrator pages, Facebook, eBay etc

    Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

  • @gwen-dragon - HA! - I just this window to go and work on a Wordpress site and after making some changes here what happened when the page reloaded - see screengrab - this is a perfect example - could only grab part of the page - the footer etc is just as bad with everything appearing to be 'stacked' on top of each other - thanks again


  • @gwen-dragon and again on another tab I had open (full page grab this time) :(

    Sorry to bombard you, it's happening on every new tab/page this morning :(



    0_1518346225545_and again.jpg

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