Go button in address bar (with Paste and Go function)

  • Go button in address bar.

    As an additional ability, it can disappear when not in focus (mouse or addressfield):
    alt text
    So it will not take up additional space.

    Also, MMB on Go button can be Paste and Go. Useful.
    Or this: MMB - Paste and Go in new tab, right click - Paste and Go in current tab.

  • Regarding a pure Go Button - this is implemented in Vivaldi:

    • Type something in the address bar
    • Click the site info box - the thing all the way at the left of the address bar that has either a padlock or a v icon

    However, this does not (yet) support Paste and Go on MMB. I'd suggest setting a mouse gesture for that. I've got mine set to:


  • Moderator

    I never noticed that before, but it's much better to have it there than at the other end of the address field.

    0_1524229609936_GoTo Button.png


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