Gamers, tell us how you use Vivaldi :)

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    We are putting together a story on how gamers use Vivaldi. Would be great to know from you guys which Vivaldi features you find especially useful, how you have customized the browser, and what games work well in Vivaldi. Post here and we'll quote you in the story 🙂

  • I'd argue that "true gamers" don't play games made to run in a browser. These days are over, with the sole exception being chess probably -- and that's not a classical digital game and doesn't attract the gamers you are referring to. Most gamers use consoles, play on steam, or some other gaming company platform/application. With the imminent death of flash and google's decision to kill unity in chrome, game designers lack options to develop serious games for browsers.

    And we shouldn't forget that most games are mobile today -- the biggest amount of gamers can be found playing a game on some android app.

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    @luetage The SUPERHOT prototype still works in Vivaldi. Partially. Kind of... 🤔

  • @pafflick That runs on unity, I don't think you will get it to run and if you do you will have to jump through hoops no average person is willing to follow.
    Incidentally I followed a gaming company around for some time and they released an interesting game on unity about 3 years ago? I don't know, it was in development for a year and upon beta release Google made the announcement to kill the unity plugin. They rushed it unto steam but too late, the game died and the company with it -- kinda, sort of... ^^

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    @luetage But this is a game that I remember playing in a browser (not sure if it was Vivaldi or Chromium-Opera, though). It worked pretty well, but now I can't get past the first enemy... 😕 Well, the real thing is on Steam anyway... 🤷

  • It's not just browser based games. Vivaldi is still very useful even if you're playing a standard game.

    Usually games run in full screen and take focus away from the rest of the OS (meaning you have to alt-tab to access your browser). So using a browser at the same time as playing a game is not possible.

    But this is where Vivaldi's useful features come into play. I have a dual monitor set up. So I can put Vivaldi on my secondary monitor in full screen, and play a game on my primary monitor. While this is something that could be done with any browser, Vivaldi has some advantages. Since the game steals focus away from other windows, you need to have a browser that can do what you want without needing to interact with it. Any time you alt-tab away from your game, you risk your game crashing, so you want to interact with the browser as little as possible.

    So, maybe I want to keep track of the hockey scores, and have access to a walkthru for a game. Tile tabs with Vivaldi. This way I can get a lot of information on the screen without needing to switch away from the game.

    You can even have the same page open multiple times as tiled tabs. Each tiled tab can have a different portion of the same page showing. You can break the page up in multiple chunks (e.g., one tiled tab has the top quarter of the page, the second has the second quarter of the page, the third tab has the third quarter of the page, and the fourth quarter has the bottom quarter of the page). So, in effect, you can access the entire contents of the page visible without needing to switch focus away from your game to scroll. Vivaldi's tab tiling makes this setup possible and quick to set up. Not to mention the ability to clone tabs makes this process even faster.

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    @luetage Unity now has the ability to export games to HTML5. No need for a plugin anymore (thank goodness).

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    Currently the only game that i will play in a browser is geoguessr.

  • Only game worth playing in the browser....

  • @cantankrus
    Yes, that's for sure, but I like the version about dragons more.
    It seems that I play in Mario but the antagonist of the game.Dragon.
    Nice game,love it.I play from time to time.
    Regards @Bitcohen.

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    I don't play browser games a long time but I have some two webpanels of Football Manager forums I use like consult. And some Pinned tabs to some tutorials of Football Manager and Motorsport Manager.

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    Here's one for twitter users: add as a web panel and play democratic emoji tetris throughout the day.

  • For emulators

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