(First) mouse gesture randomly ignored

  • At first I thought it was caused by 'finger trouble', but now I'm sure it's not my fault:
    sometimes the first mouse gesture performed after returning to Vivaldi (e.g. when coming back from eMail app etc.) is ignored.
    In my case it's most of the time a 'Open new tab' gesture, and when I perform it, nothing happens.
    If I do exactly the same thing again, a tab is opened.

    As mentioned, I ruled out finger-trouble as I perform the gesture very accurately so I'm pretty sure this is not a user problem.

    Anybody confirm?

    V14 on Win7x64

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    I cant confirm this with 1.14.1077.45 on Windows 10 x64.

    I tried it with working in The Bat! and Thunderbird, focusing opened Vivaldi by clicking on the tabbar icon, and Drag-Down gesture a new tab opens.
    Or do i need different ways to reproduce it?

  • Well, it (unfortunately) does not happen all the time but only every maybe 50th time I use a gesture, so certainly one of the nasty and hard to reproduce issues.

    Thinking about it, maybe it happens mostly after waking up the screen from being disabled.
    Sorry I can not remember better, but what I know for sure is that it's always the first action I perform in Vivaldi that's being ignored and has to be repeated.
    Will monitor closely and report back if I find something new and more reliable.

  • For now I can say that in about 90% of all cases when I wake up my laptop from hibernation (where I put it every night), do something with whatever program, than switch to Vivaldi and (want to) open a new tab using the default mouse gesture, it doesn't work.
    When I do exactly the same thing another time, the tab opens.

  • I sometimes see that the first middle-click on a link is still being ignored.

  • Thanks for confirming.

    Reported as VB-37706.


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