Auto Detect Logos + Select Part of the Page for Speed Dial and Bookmark Thumbnails

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  • This would be nice!

    Recently, I was organizing my whole Speed Dial and I searched for images of flat logos of the sites I use most to put on the Speed Dial thumbnails. The challenge was to fit those images on the thumbnails. Because the image is uniformly stretched to fit the thumbnail, some of the contents of the image were cutted out if the images were too rectangular. To achieve the results I want, I had to cut the images myself on Photoshop just to fit them nicely on the thumbnails.

    But manually editing many images is tedious. It would be great if we had some more control over how an image is put on the thumbnail. More specifically, I would love to be able to specify how an image is stretched (Fill, Uniform, UniformToFill) and to select an area of an image to be shown on the thumbnail. It would also be amazing if we could set a custom background color for the thumbnail, so we could just use a transparent PNG image of, for example, a logo and set the background for that image manually.

    Also, I'm not sure about it, but I think that the original image files are not copied by Vivaldi to somewhere. It would be nice if I could just download some image from the Internet, put it on a Vivaldi thumbnail and then delete the image file, without it disappearing from the Speed Dial. But, again, I'm not sure if this is the current behavior, so forgive me I'm wrong.

    Vivaldi's Speed Dial is already close to perfect, in my opinion. From every browser and Speed Dial addon I've tried, the Vivaldi's one is, by far, the best. It is just lacking a it of customization on this thumbnails thing, when compared to some addons.

  • I'll bump this one, it's there for years but nothing has been changed.
    This request looks very nice!

    I've made a similar request:
    This one includes almost all my ideas, only two things missing:

    1. Loading from file/clipboard/page (there is already a list of sources in this request so new source pages may be easilly added).
    2. Also it isn't clear here how it should make a page screenshot when called from speed dial page (I've noticed that currently it uses too smal window, people complain that it has too smal timeout and disables extensions).

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