Allow Editing of Passwords and Details in Privacy Settings

  • On Vivaldi's Privacy settings, under the Saved Passwords section, we currently have a list containing the URLs for which Vivaldi is saving passwords. It would be good if we could edit the items on this list, so we could edit or delete existing entries or add new ones.

    When editing or adding a new entry, we could edit properties like the URL, the username, the password or even the related HTML input field names. This would pretty much offer the same power of control over saved login details as you already have when editing the search providers list, for example.

    In addition to the possibility to edit entries, being able to just look at passwords would be of similar relevance. Some of these is already possible indirectly, by using Chrome saved passwords manager, but this approach is far from practical.

    Now, why I consider this feature so important? I am the kind of user who uses different browsers and different devices to login to web sites. It happens that, when I change a password for a site, I need to update this new password on every browser I use. Although the password can be automatically updated on Vivaldi when I login with a different password, I would rather update this password on the moment I changed it on the web site, without having to attempt to login again to the site on another browser. It would be easier for me if could just go to the Privacy settings and change the password there. This is specially important for some non-permissive web sites, that require me to do a 2-step authentication process for each new browser I login from.

    Ok, enough of text to read for now. Forgive me if this feature is already requested somewhere else, but I couldn't find it on the search I made before writing this post.

    Best regards

  • Has there been any progress on this feature request? It is one that definitely would enhance Vivaldi. Many other browsers store passwords too. But they often have the ability to at least see the stored passwords, edit and bulk change them, etc. The way that Firefox allows such management is, for example, a good start.


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    @jeronymite You can do all of this in Vivaldi as well, but for now you have to use the address chrome://settings/passwords to do it.

  • Personally I like @Ayespy 's idea better. Less chance of accidents.

  • +1
    Now it's possible only by chrome://settings/passwords.


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