Vivaldi randomly closes with no warning or error

  • Not sure where to start with diagnosis. Running Windows 7 and Vivaldi 1.14.1077.45 (Stable channel) (32-bit). I have gotten the dead bird error, but in this case the browser just closes. It restarts without issue. I am not seeing anything in the windows event viewer. Any suggestion on where to start?

  • Like doing what? There's a known crash while downloading large files from for example

  • I have the same problem on two systems with Windows 10 64-bit since 1.14.
    I just have to use it for normal browsing and it will crash every 10 minutes or so.
    Then I can restart immediately and have to restore my tabs

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    @ex313 It could be related to memory handling on Win32. I get the same thing on the "sopranos" version of Vivaldi, and it appears to be related to memory. Interestingly, Stable and Snapshot do not do this on the same 32-bit machine. It's not yet fully understood what causes the Out of Memory condition.

    None of my 64-bit systems, all of which have at least 8GB of RAM, ever reach this state.

  • I have also experienced many dead birds and several crashes in 1.15.x Snapshots.
    I was doing nothing else than usual internet browsing...

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    @rotfl Yeah. I never get dead birds in any of my versions, and only get the silent close on one 32-bit machine, and then only with the internal test version - no other versions.

    I recommend people check their graphics driver compatibility and/or refresh their profile. When we don't experience the problems at our end, and can't reproduce them, the devs can't just start patching things in hopes something works at the user end. I know it seems weird, but there's no place in the code where the lines "stop showing dead birds" or "stop randomly shutting down" can be inserted. The testers or devs have to figure out what's causing it first.

    In the case of my 32-bit system that randomly shuts down after about 10 minutes of browsing on the internal test version, when I was visiting with the team I turned my machine over to one of them to try to figure out what was causing the OOM (out of memory) condition that it was logging on silent crash, and in the time available he could not figure out what was doing it. Keep in mind, neither Stable nor Snapshot crash for me on that system either.

    So: "Happens to me, too" doesn't really help, unless the user can try to weed out some of the possibilities.

  • @ayespy I understand - it's just a confirmation that it happens. I am aware that value of it is shitty because I work with software development.
    If only there was some kind of crash dumper I'd be happy to contribute...
    Vivaldi windows just disappeared several times on my new company notebook.

    I use Vivaldi 25/24 for 3 years.
    I will survive it but on all of the other PCs I had I didn't meet such problems.
    Maybe it's something with limited system resources because I tend to use dozens of tabs.

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    @rotfl I guess that's possible...

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    @ayespy There's some way to turn on logging, but the dev was typing too fast for me to follow.

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    Start console (cmd.exe)
    Start Vivaldi with
    "...\Application\vivaldi.exe" --enable-logging=stderr
    Then all goes to console window

  • Log went nut on a Facebook page, kept listing this error:
    [3152:5024:0209/] PROPMEDIA(GPU) :
    ReadSampleAsync : Received an error
    [3152:5024:0209/] PROPMEDIA(GPU) : R
    eadVideoData Failed to read video sample
    [3152:5024:0209/] PROPMEDIA(GPU) :
    DecodedDataReadyImpl status : MediaDataStatus::kMediaError
    [3152:5024:0209/] PROPMEDIA(GPU) :
    ReadSampleAsync : Received an error
    [3152:5024:0209/] PROPMEDIA(GPU) : R
    eadVideoData Failed to read video sample

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    @ex313 Looks like detection of video stream format fails.
    Please report this issue.

    How to Report a Bug

    1. Report each bug separately at
    2. Describe the issue concisely.
    3. Add information about extensions that you use.
    4. If you have problems with video or audio tell us about installed codecs and graphics card/GPU.
    5. Add a precise link to the page where the issue occurs so that it can be tested.
    6. After reporting the issue, you will receive a confirmation email with the bug number.
    7. Reply to that email to add more information, or screenshots and testcases as attachments. These will be added to the bug report automatically.
    8. If you have questions about the bug please ask in the forums. Post the VB-nnnnn bug number given in the confirmation email.

    Thank you in advance for helping us to make Vivaldi better!

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