[1.14.1077.45] Outlook and Ebay issues with updated version of Vivaldi

  • Hello!
    I am having issues with both Outlook and Ebay. It seems that when I try to access Outlook to sign in, I get a blank screen. The site does not load at all. With ebay, I can view the site and log in, but the drop down menus do not work e.g choosing a category in search for an item or when trying to search for an item by distance and price. It worked fine before I updated. I cleared the cache and cookies. Still nothing has changed. All extensions are disabled. I also tried reinstalling vivaldi. I am using 1.14.1077.45 (Stable channel) (64-bit) on a Windows 10 Lenovo 140e laptop. Please let me know if more info is needed to help identify the cause of these issues and a possible fix. Thanks.

  • I am to guess that I am the only user with these issues, since it has been several days with not 1 single reply from anyone? Or is this considered to be a bug with no fix available?

    If this is the case, what are my options since I would prefer things to be working with these sites? Is there a way to downgrade to a FULLY working stable version (not sure which version that may be) while keeping my settings in tact? Can someone be so kind as to point me in the right direction so that I don't have to go back to using another browser?

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    @in2themystic EBay is without issues here, which makes me think you might have problems related to an extension.

    Outlook is broken repeatedly by MS and Chromium. Every time the devs here fix it, it gets broken again in a new way. MS tests in, and coordinates with, Chrome (not Chromium) but of course not the very-minority browser Vivaldi. Rather, they pretend we do not exist. Hence, compatibility with Outlook is a continually moving target.

    Vivaldi Stable 1.14 was just updated again today. This may or may not have addressed some of your concerns. As a rule, the Snapshots stream (updated weekly or so) it pretty darn stable, and contains the latest improvements. It carries some risk of new things breaking. Stable stream carries a little less risk, usually, but also only gets updated every 6 weeks, more or less - and so is less nimble at keeping up with the breakage imposed by MS and Chromium at the Outlook site.

  • Thank you for your response @Ayespy . However, as per my initial post, I disabled all extensions and I even reinstalled vivaldi and the issues still exist with Ebay. I tested it again just before posting this response. I do not have a problem with any other browser, So it has to be some kind of bug within vivaldi.

    As for the new version, I think I will wait a bit before downloading as I am not sure that it will fix the problem or make it worse. I was wondering if there was a way to downgrade? I might try to install the snapshot if I can be pointed in the right direction of how to do so without losing my browser settings? I just would like a version that works without the numerous bugs of the new stable releases. Keeping my settings is ideal as it is a pain having to tweak things all over again from scratch.

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    Does a extension like this user agent changer help if you switch to an other browser identification?

  • Hi @gwen-dragon, thanks for your response.
    However, would using an agent switcher be redundant? If I wanted to use another browser would it not be easier to just use that browser or platform? In regard to the downgrade..is there not way to achieve this while keeping my settings?

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    @in2themystic If you like Vivaldi, then using a user-agent-switcher for specific sites is in no way similar to using a different browser. After all, no other browsers have our features - not even close. Vivaldi cannot lie universally to every website about what browser it is, since to do so would inform the WWW that there are NO Vivaldi users, and the income model of Vivaldi would collapse, and Vivaldi would disappear.

    Hence, unless you have a specific website with malicious browser-sniffing that feeds bad code to Vivaldi, you should show what browser you are using to every website, so that the existence of the browser can be validated, and broken code will no longer be fed to it.

  • Have you tried a new profile as a test (reinstalling is not the same thing)? I use Outlook.com (non-beta, though I have occasionally used the beta version too) every day.

    If it doesn't work in a new profile, are you able to login via Chrome? If not, it may be something about how you're authenticating, not the browser.

    As for eBay, I certainly don't use it much, but drop-down menus work.

  • I guess.
    This was my 1st time trying out vivaldi since I head about it a month ago. I was really looking for a new browser that is different with good features. It is sort of disappointing that the stable versions have so many issues. I think vivaldi will be promising with a little more work. I will just wait it out with installing another upgrade and cluttering the browser with extensions just so I can have basic site functions. Maybe things will work and be better down the road. Thanks.

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    @in2themystic "Disabling" extensions frequently does not keep their fingers from gumming up the mix. To be sure, suspect extensions have to be removed. You might learn a good deal from a clean profile. Of course cluttering up Vivaldi with extensions is kind of the anti-Vivaldi approach. Part of the whole point of Vivaldi is to have features built in, not having it clogged up with extensions.

    Just some more food for thought.

  • @rseiler I am not sure what you mean by new profile? As I have stated before I have no problem with any other browser including Chrome. Everything works with 0 issues. I also tried the sites with incognito mode and still the same issues occur.

    Also, I just cleared my browser history and restarted vivaldi, now I'm having issues with facebook. The home screen is blank and issues with drop down menus. The icons not clickable so I cannot sign out. Tried the usual clearing of the cache and cookies. No change.

    I am not sure if your environment set up is the same as mine, but these are the issues I incur on my laptop running this version windows 10 64bit. It is very frustrating to say the least.

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    @in2themystic Please see my comment directly above yours.

  • @ayespy Yes. I reinstalled vivaldi with no extensions. No change. All sites work fine in other browsers. I don't use very many extensions with vivaldi at all.. Only Ublock, Youtube autoplay stop and Youtube dark.

  • @in2themystic But did you rename your existing profile folder per that link? Reinstalling is not the same thing.

    The things you're seeing just aren't normal (I'm Win10 x64 too), even with common extensions. While you may very well have found a new general issue (especially if sites you're unable to use continues to grow), it's an ultra-obscure one to say the least. More likely it's something else.

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    @in2themystic "Reinstall" has nothing to do with a clean profile. Reinstall will almost 100% certainly make absolutely no changes, because it preserves your profile. You have to please read the procedure to make a clean profile. It has nothing to do with reinstalling.

  • I just went ahead and did a clean reinstall of everything with a downgrade because nothing was working. I lost my settings and such but I guess it was that or be content with certain sites being non functional. I will most likely wait for a possible more stable version before I upgrade it again. Thanks guys for all of your help.


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