Make the browser even more awesome!

  • Vivaldi is already awesome but it could be even more awesome by making everything customisable, utmost secure, feature rich and lightning fast, with focus on easy handling and beautiful user interface.

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    @luetage Feature Requests should have some clearly defined target. This is way too vague.

    • Choose a clear and concise title for the topic and describe the feature in more detail in the body of the post.

  • @pesala You should realise that this is well-meant constructive criticism feature request, especially because I announced its creation as a reply to you just a few hours ago ^^

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    @luetage I will happily move it to the lounge for you, or to the All Platforms forum. It is not a valid feature request as it stands.

  • feature rich and lightning fast

    Now that would be quite amazing but to be more realistic I would be happy with feature rich and fairly fast.

  • @lonm Sigh, I don't like such compromises. Maybe it could be made as close to lightning fast as technically possible? As we all know speed is three of the most important three aspects of a browser if you ask the average browser user on the internet.

    The top 3:

    • Speed
    • Speed
    • Speed
      and as an honourable mention in 4th place:
    • Faster than all the other browsers out there

    We shouldn't forget that IE back in the day lost a lot of users to some new browser named Firefox -- because it was so fast, and then everyone jumped from Firefox to Chrome, because it was so fast. And if you ask anyone today why they use a certain browser, the answer will be speed 95% of the time. And now you tell me "fairly fast" 😮 just wow

  • @luetage don't get me wrong, you give me a lightning fast browser, I'll love it. But if I had to choose between devs making it fast and adding features, then I would say stop revving the engine at fairly fast and work on features.

    In reality though, there's always new features and always efficiency improvements being made, so perhaps it's not out of the question to have both.

    I guess from an "attracting new users" standing speed is of course the dominant factor. But I'm already a user so my priorities are different.

  • But not so fast. A lightspeed browser could become invisible and it's not good to be used, then 😛

  • @lonm We need a Sarcasm tag for replies 😕

  • @luetage I'll get right on to making a w3c RFC.

  • It's almost a miracle that Vivaldi, with so many features he has, is still one of the fastest browsers I've ever tried. Up to now, only another browser based on Chromium has surpassed it, but it is much simpler and it is Nano Browser.
    Only features: Notepad, Reader View,, Screenshot (simple versions),
    Change theme, search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, no changeable), colors, UI, settings = 0
    But fast like a Pop-Up

  • Vivaldi could be even more popular if the UI buttons stand out from the monitor and YouTube videos would become holograms. Yeah, I think it would be cool: I would impress my girlfriend who will tell this awesome feature to her friends, so V will became known and loved worldwide. Oh, and don't forget about the so called coffee making extension! I could set up Vivaldi as an alarm clock, it would start my PC, play my favorite song on YouTube and make me a tasty, fresh moccacino until I wake up. Here's some idea for kick-starting: (Linux only)

  • @bimlas I love what you've proposed here :-))))

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    Vivaldi already became more awesome.

  • While Vivaldi can not prepare my coffee in the morning......

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    @catweazle Try enabling Philip Hue Integration in Settings, Themes, and when the daytime scheduled theme comes on, you can have it switch on your coffee-maker. 😁😈😉

  • @catweazle I'd count this as done if Vivaldi manages to send an appropriate command to a IP-connected coffee machine on theme change.

    If it steers light, why not other aspects of coming to life in the morning? ☺

  • I do not use an electric coffee machine, I use a French press 😕


  • @catweazle Same for me! (another brand but the same principle)

  • I think we all agree this amazing browser could possibly be even more amazing. I don't see how Vivaldi could ever be done with making the browser more awesome.

    And yeah, the last time I drank Vivaldi it didn't taste like coffee 😕


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