[RESOLVED] How to toggle flairs / "badges"?

  • It seems that the "old way" of doing this does not work anymore?...

    Sorry for stupid question ;)

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    @rotfl Let me look...

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    @rotfl It looks to me like your badge is automatic if you are a member of certain specific groups. The only way I can see to turn off the badge is to leave the group.

  • @ayespy I remember that in previous versions of forum Gaelle [?] told us about some URL that led to extended settings.
    And there was setting to toggle flairs.
    It stopped working after forum updates.

    Currently there are some people that are members of groups and have flairs disabled/invisible.

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    @rotfl I checked that URL. The option does not appear. The option to join or leave a group does, however. It could be that deleting the group in that space does not actually unjoin you, but does hide the badge. Seems to me that the way I turned my badge on was to enter the group name in that textbox.

  • @rotfl Hmmm, I can still see that option there, did it disappear for you entirely or is it just not working? 🤔

  • @pafflick There were problems after previous forum update

    In case of anyone looking for this:

  • @rotfl The question is: are you still struggling to regain your badge or not? 😏

  • @pafflick Opposite ;)
    I don't like to be marked as "special one" ;)
    Fixed thanks to Ayespy

  • @rotfl OK, I get it. 😉

  • I put a link to the forum edit site into the main avatar dropdown in the forum extension just some days ago.

    0_1518883264252_Screenshot 2018-02-17 16.59.44.png
    The page has always been accessible, it just has no working link anywhere on the forum. I wonder wether this is intentional, or if the devs just forgot it. It's a standard nodeBB site.

  • @luetage I had some problems with accessing it few months ago so I just gave up.
    I have no previous nodeBB experience so I have no idea what is a "standard equipment" ;)
    But thanks for info.

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    @luetage Yes, it's quite intentional. It was discussed whether to expose it at one point, but decided not to for now.

  • @ayespy Well, you can never know :)
    I don't think it's intentional that the bookmarking link (favourites) in the profile dropdown still doesn't work after all this time. I'm not complaining, these problems are easy enough to solve for members too, but it makes you wonder what is and isn't intentional.

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    @luetage No, you're right. That's just an unresolved bug.

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